Umi’s Friends: Connecting Web2 Users to the World of Web3

Published on: 27.03.2023
Umi’s Friends: Connecting Web2 Users to the World of Web3

Umi’s Friend, a unique play-to-earn experience is on a mission to connect Web2 users with the emerging world of Web3 through its new offering, Umi’s Friends.

The game, which is a casual and fun matching game, allows players to earn rich rewards. By building and collecting their own NFTs, known as Umis, and participating in multiple game modes.

The low threshold to entry ecosystem of Umi’s Friends is attractive to players of all experience levels and ages from all corners of the globe.

This model is positioned to build and continuously grow an engaged, healthy, and excited community. Many of which may be Web2 gamers first introduced to blockchain technology.

Its mission is to bring more Web2 users on board the Web3 movement. By providing easily accessible and fun games that players can enjoy and earn rewards from.

This creates a sense of relaxation and allows users to engage in casual gaming as a way to unwind and de-stress.

The team plans for users to collect NFTs with cultural attributes. Using them to put into play quickly and easily, conveying important mantras such as relaxation, love, and comfort.

The target market for Umi’s Friends extends across the globe, to all ages, and all levels of experience in blockchain and matching games.

Whether it’s a more complex and grand game masterpiece requiring heavy time, financial, and resource investment or a simple-to-learn app. All are encouraged to play their own role by participating and contributing to the expanding Web3 ecosystem.

The low threshold for entry and the ability to earn rewards make it an attractive option for Web2 users looking to dive into the world of Web3.

About Umi’s Friend

Umi’s Friends is just that: a casual, relaxing, and fun matching game. Players can seamlessly earn rich rewards regardless of age, time, or location. By building and collecting their own Umi (NFTs) and participating in multiple game modes.



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Defi Market Cap: $86.56B(+60.79%/24h)
Total Market Cap: $2365.08B(-1.68%/24h)
Total Trading Volume 24h: $95.99B(+80.13%/24h)
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