Eclipse and Injective Launched Cascade

Published on: 02.04.2023
Eclipse and Injective Launched Cascade

Injective and Eclipse have just announced the launch of Cascade, which is the first-ever interchain Solana-SVM Rollup.

Injective and Eclipse have launched Cascade, which is a groundbreaking Solana SVM rollup that will enable Solana developers to seamlessly deploy their contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) onto Injective. The integration of Solana Sealevel Virtual Machine (SVM) with the broader Cosmos world via IBC ecosystem will allow developers to take advantage of multichain functionality across Solana and IBC, creating new possibilities for cross-chain interoperability. This move by Injective represents a major step forward in the development of decentralized finance (DeFi) and is expected to have a significant impact on the broader blockchain ecosystem.

With the launch of Cascade, Injective can now access the massive Solana developer ecosystem worth over $9 billion. The development of this technology was made possible through the collaboration of Injective’s team and Eclipse, a customizable rollup provider. Cascade has been successfully launched on the Injective testnet and will soon be migrated to the mainnet. This breakthrough marks a significant milestone for Injective and has opened up new possibilities for the growth of the platform.

Developers who want to start building on the public testnet for Cascade can refer to the official Cascade developer documentation available on the platform’s website. The developer docs provide a guide for builders to get started with Cascade and explore its various features and capabilities.

What is Solana SVM and Eclipse?

Solana developed Solana SVM as a parallel smart contract runtime that enables parallel processing of tens of thousands of transactions simultaneously, making it highly efficient and scalable. This technology is similar to Injective’s core infrastructure, which also enables parallel processing and supports faster transaction processing.

Eclipse is a customizable rollup provider that enables developers to choose and integrate the most suitable aspects of blockchain technology to create unique decentralized applications. This platform allows developers to create customized solutions without making any technical trade-offs, thereby optimizing performance and functionality.

How does Cascade work?

Furthermore, Cascade has a multi-phased deployment plan that involves several steps.

The initial phase of the launch involves the Cascade testnet beta. In this phase, the Eclipse team will operate an SVM sequencer that receives transactions from Solana wallets and smart contract deployments from the Solana command-line interface (CLI). The sequencer posts the blocks produced to a data availability layer. Contributors to Cascade plan to integrate Celestia, a data availability provider, in the future to further enhance Cascade’s scalability properties.

Overall, Cascade works by bringing Solana’s Sealevel Virtual Machine (SVM) into the broader Cosmos ecosystem, allowing Solana developers to deploy their smart contracts and dApps onto Injective. This integration enables cross-chain interoperability between Solana and IBC, expanding the reach and functionality of both platforms.

The ultimate goal of Cascade is to have the SVM sequencer operate in a permissionless manner with Injective serving as the core settlement layer to ensure that the sequencer is executing transactions accurately.

Moreover, Injective has already made significant efforts to connect Solana with the interchain ecosystem. For instance, it is the only L1 in the Cosmos universe to integrate both Wormhole and Pyth. This integration enables assets such as SOL to enter Injective easily using Wormhole, and the Pyth oracle network can relay asset data originating from Solana. The launch of Cascade further expands the potential synergies across Solana, Injective, and Cosmos by bringing the familiar Solana developer environment to the world of IBC.

Cascade: Pioneering a Hyper Scalable Web3 Stack with Injective

Furthermore, Cascade’s pioneering of a hyper-scalable Web3 stack with Injective is just the beginning, as the project plans to continue implementing the latest technical breakthroughs to reach even higher levels of security and scalability.

Moving forward, one of the primary objectives is to integrate the Interchain Security (ICS) model into Cascade, which would secure it alongside new VM rollups deployed by Injective. This approach would allow Cascade to benefit from shared security across the entire Cosmos ecosystem. With the integration of new security parameters and a modular data availability layer such as Celestia, Cascade would achieve an unprecedented upper bound of scalability, further enhancing its potential as a key player in the Web3 ecosystem.

About Injective

Injective is a lightning fast interoperable layer one blockchain optimized for building the premier Web3 finance applications. Injective provides developers with powerful plug-and-play modules for creating unmatched dApps. INJ is the native asset that powers Injective and its rapidly growing ecosystem. Binance is incubating Injective, and prominent investors such as Jump Crypto, Pantera, and Mark Cuban back the platform.

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About Eclipse

Eclipse offers customizable modular rollups, increasing throughput while giving developers the freedom to adjust the proportions of speed, decentralization, and cost as they see fit. Applications can create their own Solana virtual machine powered trust-minimized app chains using Eclipse.

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