AlphaBatem Labs Unveils HelloMoon

Published on: 05.04.2023
AlphaBatem Labs Unveils HelloMoon

HelloMoon, is the latest offering by AlphaBatem Labs, the Robust RPC over API Service for Solana blockchain and metaverse technology. 

AlphaBatem Labs unveils Hellomoon, a powerful RPC over API service designed specifically for the Solana blockchain.

Furthermore, HelloMoon comes complete with advanced features like Webhook and Websocket data streams that provide real-time updates on accounts and transactions, making it an ideal choice for real-time gaming and other applications that require fast and reliable data transfer.

AlphaBatem Labs is a forward-thinking metaverse infrastructure company that is dedicated to shaping the future of digital experiences. With HelloMoon, the company is taking another step towards its goal of crafting the building blocks that power immersive, interactive, and interconnected virtual worlds. Moreover, AlphaBatem Labs has designed HelloMoon’s advanced technology to provide the foundation for the next generation of digital experiences.

HelloMoon also includes robust security features, which ensure the protection of data at all times. Developers looking to create real-time applications on the Solana blockchain are likely to turn to HelloMoon as their go-to solution, thanks to its scalability and reliability.

In conclusion, AlphaBatem Labs’ HelloMoon is a game-changing innovation that is set to transform the world of metaverse technology. Its advanced features, scalability, and security make it an ideal choice for real-time applications on the Solana blockchain. With HelloMoon, AlphaBatem Labs is leading the charge toward a more immersive, interactive, and interconnected digital future.

About HelloMoon

HelloMoon is a fast and reliable RPC over API service for the Solana blockchain, designed by AlphaBatem Labs, a metaverse infrastructure company. With Webhook and Websocket data streams, it provides real-time updates on accounts and transactions, making it ideal for low-latency applications like real-time gaming. HelloMoon also boasts robust security features and scalability.

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About AlphaBatem

AlphaBatem is a metaverse technology company that provides next-generation digital infrastructure to facilitate the growth of the Metaverse. Their suite of developer toolkits, SDKs, and supporting infrastructure can supercharge new and existing Metaverse games, experiences, and virtual worlds, and speed up their route to market. AlphaBatem ensures seamless cohesion between integrated games and virtual worlds through its standards-based, open platform.

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