Navis Partnership with Zebec

Published on: 13.04.2023
Navis has partnered with Zebec

Navis, a blockchain-based platform that focuses on sustainability, has recently revealed a partnership with Zebec Protocol, a technology that provides streaming finance and real-time payroll as a Multi-Chain Continuous Settlement Protocol.

The partnership aims to integrate Navis blockchain technology with Zebec cutting-edge infrastructure to create innovative solutions that address some of the most pressing environmental challenges of their time.

Furthermore, one of the main areas of focus for Navis is environmental sustainability, and this partnership aligns with its mission to create a more sustainable future. Moreover, Zebec’s cutting-edge infrastructure expects to enhance the performance of Navis’ blockchain network, making it more reliable, secure, and eco-friendly. By combining the power of blockchain technology with high-end nanotechnology infrastructure, the two companies aim to drive innovation and sustainability, creating new opportunities for businesses, organizations, and individuals around the world.

In addition, the collaboration will expand its offerings and enter new markets, making it more accessible to businesses and organizations looking for sustainable blockchain solutions. With the help of Zebec’s expertise and infrastructure, Navis will be able to scale its solutions quickly, effectively, and sustainably.

Through their strong partnerships, Navis is also planning to establish a presence in the virtual world by creating Metaverse sales offices and NFT infrastructure for technological companies and organizations. Indeed, Navis believes that Web3 represents the future of the internet and is committed to being at the forefront of this technological revolution. Therefore, as part of their commitment to creating a better future for everyone, the Navis team is constantly striving to bring their vision to life.

About Navis Token

Navis token aims to make research and development for clothing and equipment powered by nanotechnology to facilitate human travel to space.

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About Zebec

Zebec Protocol, a multi-chain continuous settlement protocol designed to enable fast and cost-effective trading of digital assets across different blockchain networks.

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