Zabava Labs and Galaxy Arena Cooperation

Published on: 26.04.2023
Zabava Labs and Galaxy Arena Cooperation

Galaxy Arena has just announced an exciting new cooperation with Zabava Labs, a blockchain agnostic studio that is exploring immersive game experiences and community building tools. This partnership is set to power the next frontier of gaming and bring new and exciting experiences to Galaxians around the world.

Zabava Labs is known for its innovative approach to building fun casual games and integrating blockchain technology. By building casual mobile games and integrating blockchain technology, Zabava Labs is able to provide a unique gaming experience that is both fun and rewarding.

Additionally, Zabava Labs offers community tools by integrating web3 elements into one’s community. This allows for a more engaging and interactive experience for users, as well as an opportunity to take advantage of the best feats offered by Zabava Labs’ community tools.

The key points of this partnership include the expansion of new markets and the ability to reach new users. Galaxians will be able to enjoy the fun casual games built and offered by Zabava Labs, as well as take advantage of the best feats offered by Zabava Labs’ community tools by integrating web3 elements.

The partnership between Galaxy Arena and Zabava Labs is an exciting development for the gaming industry and is sure to bring new and exciting opportunities to users. This collaboration highlights the importance of working together to create innovative solutions and experiences that will benefit users and drive the industry forward.

About Galaxy Arena

Galaxy Arena is a decentralized Metaverse VR experience backed by top-tier industry partnerships and powered by the Polygon Network. This is the first Move-to-Earn game in VR where everyone can play, move, learn, dance, sing and also participate to earn under one roof!

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About Zabava Labs

Zabava Labs is a leading innovator in web3 technology, utilizing their extensive expertise in blockchain and decentralized platforms to create groundbreaking solutions that add value to people’s lives. They believe that secure, transparent, and also accessible applications are the key to contributing to the growth of Indonesia’s digital ecosystem.

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