Gameta and MixVerse Partnership

Published on: 10.05.2023
Gameta and MixVerse Partnership

Gameta is thrilled to announce a latest partnership with MixVerse, is a VR/AR/H5 Metaverse Open world of Web3. With this partnership, Gameta will work with MixVerse to further expand its product and services in its Web3 ecosystem.

Gameta is Multi-layered NFT Gaming Ecosystem. The project currently has over 6 million users and ranks among one of the most active DApps on the BNB Chain. In building its services, Gameta brings its participants with long-term and consistent satisfactions through the combination of casual gaming, NFT and long-term Web3 rewards system.

MixVerse is a VR metaverse and an open platform with multiple accesses and metaverse infrastructures. Players can enter the MixVerse World through the H5 and VR accesses and participate in various activities such as games, work, entertainment, life, learning, social, finance, business, trading, etc.

In celebrating the collaboration, Gameta will also announce rewards to its community.

About Gameta

Gameta is Multi-layered NFT Gaming Ecosystem.Gameta currently ranks some of the most active DApps on the BNB Chain with frequent new NFT and reward innovations for its community.


About MixVerse

MixVerse is a VR metaverse and an open platform with multiple accesses and metaverse infrastructures. MixVerse was born with the mission to provide users with maximum experience and also participation in the virtual world. At the same time, they want to break the barriers and unify the standards to connect each Metaverse to become the Mix-Metaverse, so that users can enjoy each Metaverse world.

MixVerse’s main Metaverse relies on LiveFi to open up the closed loop of user behavior. In it, users co-create and co-construct activities such as life, work, games and entertainment, and eventually realize DAO autonomy.




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