Good Games Guilds and HyperMove Partnership

Published on: 20.06.2023
Good Games Guilds and HyperMove Partnership

Good Games Guilds is excited to announce its strategic partnership with HyperMove — a decentralized blockchain-oriented P2E gaming platform.

The partnership between Good Games Guilds and Hypermove strives to transform the gaming industry by harnessing the potential of blockchain technology and decentralized finance (DeFi). By synergizing Good Games Guilds’s robust blockchain infrastructure with HyperMove Games’ creative game development expertise, the collaboration seeks to establish captivating and fulfilling gaming experiences, propelling the expansion and advancement of the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

About HyperMove

HyperMove is the world’s first blockchain-powered mobile app with built-in integration of M2E & P2E that allows users to enjoy & earn in a decentralized environment. Built on the BSC network, HyperMove app provides you with a sea of opportunities to convert your daily activities into real-world cash as well as earn by playing blockchain-powered games online. HyperMove strictly revolves around Play-to-Earn & Move-to-Earn, indicating that all participating users have the option to earn as they move or exercise or play entertaining games online.

— Play To Earn

HyperMove aims to provide all eligible and interested gamers around the world an additional opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies passively as they game in a decentralized environment.

Unlike the Traditional gaming model, P2E is a seamless method of gaming as it is a product of blockchain that primarily focuses on providing users with decentralized and equity-centric opportunities to game as well as earn while playing.

Through this, HyperMove aims towards enhancing the mental health of gamers around the world as well as providing them with an additional method to earn for their daily living.

Utilizing the HyperMove app, users will be able to play exciting games and earn cryptocurrencies as well as In-game Assets in the form of NFT which can be further traded/exchanged/sold for real-world money.

— Move To Earn

HyperMove App would make it easier for users around the globe to earn as they improve their fitness by carrying out their daily activities such as moving around, walking, jumping, etc.

HyperMove, through its platform, would offer tremendous opportunities for users to earn as they exercise by just logging into the app before doing their daily activities.

Together, Good Games Guild and Hypermove Games are shaping the future of gaming by merging innovation, decentralization, and financial opportunities into seamless and immersive experiences.


About Good Games Guild

Good Games Guild is a Gaming Hub that aims to create the largest virtual world economy by sponsoring millions of play-to-earn gamers, investing in play-to-earn games along with their in-game assets, and building tools that will enhance the future of gaming and meta-verse.




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