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Sekuya, the groundbreaking platform that fuses anime gaming with lifestyle loyalty, has secured $2.2 million in total funding, signaling a major leap forward in its quest to revolutionize...
Dive into the future with “Awaken”, a cutting-edge Web3-powered play-to-earn and free-to-play fighting game that transcends traditional boundaries, inviting players into a world where...
SKALE Network, the world’s quickest blockchain network, is excited to declare its partnership with Unipoly Games to expedite this transformative venture.   Unipoly Games & SKALE:...
Excitement reverberates across the gaming community as No Surrender Heroes makes its debut on the cutting-edge Web3 gaming super-app, GAM3S.GG. In this thrilling world, strategy intertwines...
GaFin is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Monkey Empire, a revolutionary MMO Strategy video game that harnesses the power of Arbitrum to empower players to evolve their...
Olderfall launching on Skale Network the world’s fastest blockchain network. The ancient gladiatorial combat game Olderfall is partnering to launch on the gas-free network! Olderfall is a...
Matcha partners with Nouns Esports, a professional esports team funded by crypto. Matcha is Nouns Esports DEX partner, the easiest way to bring the next-gen of gamers onchain. Nouns Esports...
Exploring the Playahh Ecosystem, a comprehensive article about the Playahh project. Playahh is not just another project in the decentralized landscape; it’s a groundbreaking ecosystem...
ArmourX joins Skale Network ecosystem for zero gas fees and blazing-fast speeds. Blockchain technology revolutionizes gaming, allowing players to create content and earn rewards. SKALE and...
Buckle up for a gaming renaissance! CARV‘s groundbreaking alliance with Ronin Chain promises to reshape the landscape, unleashing boundless potential and exhilarating opportunities for...
In a dazzling move, MetaCene unveils an unprecedented partnership with Avisa Games Guild, igniting a new era of creative ingenuity in the digital realm. This collaboration marks a...
Fabwelt, at the forefront of gaming evolution, solidifies an ambitious collaboration with LootRush, igniting a collaborative spark that promises to revolutionize gaming experiences through...
Introducing EZZY Game, the simplest M2E (Move-to-Earn) and P2E (Play-to-Earn) game featuring Web3 elements where you can get $GEZY tokens by walking or running in the open air or by playing...
Halliday is thrilled to introduce its groundbreaking next-generation gateway, revolutionizing the landscape of Web3 gaming. Halliday Unveils the Next-Generation Gateway to Web3 Gaming With...
Gafin is establish a partnership with Ni no Kuni: Cross World, a gameplay-based blockchain system expanded from the Ni no Kuni series. Based on Gafin and Ni no Kuni shared commitment to...
AFKDAO, a decentralized NFT liquidity protocol, has announced a strategic partnership with Bionic Owls, an innovative play-to-earn game focused on inclusivity and Web3...
ChainGuardians is incredibly stoked to announce that they have teamed up with Basketballverse, the breakout star of the Play-and-Earn 3D multiplayer basketball metaverse scene. This power...
AFKDAO, the first-ever NFT bank based on its own ERC-4610 protocol, is delighted to partner with Cryptopia, building the next generation of gaming platforms. The partnership between AFKDAO...
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