Baryon integrates with Viction

Published on: 17.11.2023
Baryon integrates with Viction

Baryon integrates with Viction, a zero-gas and high-security layer-1 blockchain, marking a significant step in its journey to become a trusted multichain Defi product suite accessible to everyone.

Baryon’s Multichain Platform Expansion and Integration of Viction

The integration of Viction marks a significant milestone in Baryon’s expansion to a multichain platform, one that aims to provide reliable DeFi experiences to all crypto users. By adopting a multi-chain approach, Baryon is committed to its mission of connecting with every user in the crypto space. Viction’s user-friendly, efficient, and secure attributes make it an excellent addition to its growing ecosystem. Together, they will create a seamless DeFi experience for all users.

Viction: The High-Performance Blockchain for a Secured DeFi Experience

Viction, previously known as Tomochain, is a high-performance blockchain with exceptional features such as zero-gas transactions and a highly secured layer-1 architecture. These features align with Baryon’s vision of providing an accessible and secure DeFi suite for everyone. The technical advantages of Viction are noteworthy, including its ability to handle a large volume of transactions, up to 2,000 transactions per second, and its compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), contributing to its integration with its platform. These features enhance our platform’s flexibility and user-friendliness attributes while broadening the scope of supported crypto assets.

Baryon Celebrates Viction Integration with Stake C98, Earn C98 Event on Baryon Network Platform

As part of the integration of Viction, Baryon is hosting a Stake C98, Earn C98 event on its network platform. C98 is the first token to be issued in the VRC25 standard on Viction. This token allows users to pay the gas fee using the token itself instead of the native tokens (VIC). This results in a more efficient and cost-effective DeFi experience.

Users can now stake C98 to earn C98 on Viction:

  • Duration: 3 months
  • Total reward: 200,000 $C98

Baryon and Viction Partner to Enhance DeFi Accessibility

Baryon and Viction have come together to create a highly secure and efficient network for accessible, user-friendly, and cost-effective DeFi experiences on Viction. This collaboration reinforces Baryon’s commitment to expanding the reach of DeFi services on various blockchain networks, providing a wealth of opportunities for both existing DeFi users and those new to the Web3 space.

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