Blueshift partners with Paribus

Published on: 29.11.2023
Blueshift partners with Paribus

Blueshift partners with Paribus a cross-chain, decentralized finance protocol that facilitates borrowing and lending across different blockchains.

Introducing the Cardano Startup Index: A New Initiative to Promote and Support Emerging Projects

The Cardano Startup Index is a promising new project that aims to promote and support emerging projects within the Cardano blockchain ecosystem. As the number of developers and entrepreneurs building on Cardano continues to grow, some of these projects are also exploring opportunities beyond the Cardano network, reaching out to other blockchains to expand their reach and gain access to new markets. Conversely, projects from other chains seeking exposure to Cardano’s ecosystem can also do so through the Cardano Startup Index.

Blueshift: Boosting Project Expansion through Interoperability

Blueshift is a platform that helps projects grow by enabling interoperability with other ecosystems, which improves their visibility and liquidity. The Cardano Startup Index is a hand-picked selection of innovative projects that are either branching out into Cardano or expanding beyond Cardano to explore the realm of multi-chain operations.

Introducing the Cardano Startup Index Portfolio

The team behind the Cardano Startup Index has invested countless hours engaging with various projects to curate a portfolio that encapsulates the burgeoning early-stage growth happening on Cardano. It’s not just a list; it’s a representation of the immense potential and innovation that is taking place within the Cardano community.

The final selection of projects to be included in this portfolio has been made, and the official launch is slated for the coming weeks.

Introducing the Cardano Startup Index: Blueshift and Paribus Partner Up

Blueshift is excited to kick off the Cardano Startup Index by announcing their first partner, Paribus. Paribus plays a significant role by offering their community new cross-chain trading options for their PBX tokens. This partnership showcases the Cardano ecosystem’s collaborative spirit and the common goal of enhancing interoperability and expansion across various blockchain platforms.

“I am personally very excited for PBX to join the Cardano Start Up Index. This partnership will provide Paribus with even greater exposure within the Cardano community. As we continue to explore ways to expand the interoperability of the Cardano blockchain, we will be advancing partnerships with key players in the ecosystem, such as Blueshift.”—Chief Operating Officer – Paribus

The Blueshift is a decentralized exchange that leverages portfolio management within a cross-chain environment to optimize trading. It features low impermanent loss, low slippage, and the ability to conduct zero fee arbitrage, which, combined with a user-friendly asset management experience, sets it apart as a unique DeFi solution.

Paribus is a cross-chain, decentralized finance protocol that facilitates borrowing and lending across different blockchains. You can use a variety of exotic digital assets as collateral, including NFTs, LP tokens, synthetic assets, and more. The protocol’s aim is to broaden the use cases for such assets, allowing holders to collateralize them for loans or to earn interest. It operates on the principles of decentralization, removing the need for traditional financial intermediaries and offering users direct control over their digital assets in a secure environment.

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