VERTEX PROTOCOL – YEARLY 2023 RECAP: A Year of Innovation, Growth, and Achievements

Published on: 08.01.2024
VERTEX PROTOCOL - YEARLY RECAP: A Year of Innovation, Growth, and Achievements

As 2024 kicks off, let’s reflect on the incredible journey Vertex has undertaken last year. Vertex is an orderbook DEX that combines spot, perpetuals, and money markets into a single capital efficient and low-cost platform. In just 9 months since launch, Vertex has emerged as a frontrunner in DeFi. Let’s take a moment to revisit the key milestones and triumphs that made 2023 a remarkable year for Vertex.

Main Achievements and Milestones:

January – Perpy Finance x Vertex Social Copy Trading Partnership:

The year kicked off with the announcement of an ongoing partnership between Vertex and Perpy Finance. This collaboration aimed to bring social copy trading to Vertex users, showcasing the platform’s commitment to innovation and user-centric features.

February – Vertex Protocol Grabs the Spotlight on BanklessDAO

In a spotlight feature by BanklessDAO, Vertex Protocol shines as a trailblazer in the decentralized finance (DeFi) realm. Titled “Imagine a protocol that gives traders the fees and speeds of CEXs, but with the transparency and self-sovereignty of DeFi,” the article underscores Vertex’s pivotal role in on-chain innovation. This recognition from BanklessDAO solidifies Vertex’s position as a frontrunner, seamlessly merging the best of centralized exchange features with the ethos of DeFi.

March – Decentralized exchange Vertex Protocol launches beta on Arbitrum:

In March, Vertex Protocol achieved a significant milestone by deploying its contracts on the Arbitrum mainnet. The API-only Beta marked the first phase of the launch sequence, allowing automated traders to experience trading on Vertex for the first time.

April – Rewards Page Goes Live and Full Mainnet Launch on Arbitrum!

Rewards Page Launch: Trade & Earn on Vertex.

The much-anticipated Rewards Page on the Vertex app is now live! Traders can track their accrued $VRTX token rewards for each epoch of the Initial Token Phase by simply participating as either a maker and/or taker. Explore your rewards at

Vertex Goes Live on Arbitrum Mainnet. Vertex Protocol achieves a significant milestone by going live on the @arbitrum mainnet! Traders can now experience lightning-fast speed and universal cross-margin functionality across spot, perps, and money markets. Trade like a centralized exchange (CEX) while maintaining the self-custody advantages of a decentralized exchange (DEX).

May – Exciting Opportunities on Vertex Protocol!

The 2nd epoch of the $VRTX Trading Rewards program is now live! Seize the opportunity to earn a percentage of the 15 million VRTX up for grabs over the next 28 days. Simply engage in trading on Vertex to reap the rewards.

Vertex Altitude: Week 3 Takes You Higher!

Embark on a journey as Vertex Altitude: Week 3 goes live! This collaborative venture promises an integration that brings market-making yields, once confined to industry giants, into the hands of many. Get ready for exciting developments in partnership with Elixir Protocol.

June – Uncovering the Ultimate Exchange & Strategic Investment:

June brought forth a pivotal moment as Vertex Protocol unveiled “Uncovering the Ultimate Exchange,” a comprehensive comparison of Vertex and its competitors in the dynamic world of DeFi. This in-depth analysis, published on June 27, 2023, delved into the transformative nature of decentralized trading and ownership.

Shortly thereafter, on June 22, 2023, Vertex Protocol secured a strategic investment from Wintermute Ventures, a leading algorithmic liquidity provider. This collaboration marked a significant step forward, solidifying Vertex’s position in the decentralized exchange landscape.

July – Vertex Partner Network & Notifi Integration:

July witnessed the dawn of the Vertex Partner Network on July 28, 2023. This network, comprising Vertex investors, liquidity providers, and market makers, symbolized a commitment to collaboration and innovation, shaping the future of decentralized finance.

Additionally, on July 18, 2023, Vertex announced a strategic partnership with Notifi, introducing push notifications on the Vertex platform. Traders could now receive alerts about trades, account health, and more through their preferred social accounts, such as Discord, Telegram, and email.

August – Margin Trading Insights & Introduction of Collab+Currency:

In August, Vertex Protocol illuminated the intricacies of margin trading through a blog post titled “Making Sense of Margin – Understanding the Terms on Vertex,” published on August 21, 2023. The post aimed to demystify cross-margin trading concepts and terminologies, providing users with valuable insights.

Furthermore, Vertex Protocol expanded its Partner Network on August 15, 2023, by welcoming Collab+Currency, a seasoned crypto-focused venture fund. This collaboration, originating from the 2022 seed round, brought a wealth of experience in DeFi, crypto, and consumer products.

September – The Peak – Edition #3, August 2023:

The third edition of “The Peak” arrived in September, unpacking highlights for the community, trading stats, and introducing new features and markets. The newsletter became a crucial source of information for the growing Vertex community.

Market Dropdown Upgrade!  Navigate Vertex’s trading markets effortlessly with the revamped market dropdown. Now featuring search, favorite, and volume-based sorting options, this update brings efficiency to your trading journey.

Portfolio Subpages Debut! Take control to a new level with Portfolio Subpages on Vertex. Track your portfolio across Vertex’s core products using dedicated subpages and charts. Empower yourself with comprehensive insights and manage your assets with precision.

Artemis Integration Unleashes Data Insights! Vertex joins forces with Artemis on their Perpetuals Dashboard. Explore and compare essential data such as volume, Total Value Locked (TVL), and more across various protocols. Gain a broader perspective for informed decision-making.

6th Epoch of Trade & Earn Program Is Live! Seize the final opportunity of the Initial Token Phase with the 6th epoch of Vertex’s Trade & Earn program. Every fee-paying trade earns you $VRTX, bringing a perfect finale to the Token Generation Event.

October – LBA Guide & Selini Partnership:

As October unfolded, Vertex Protocol geared up for the Liquidity Bootstrapping Auction (LBA), set to occur from November 13th to 19th. The blog post, “How to Participate in the Vertex LBA,” published on October 31, 2023, provided users with a comprehensive guide to navigate and participate in the upcoming auction.

Simultaneously, Vertex Protocol announced a strategic partnership with Selini Capital on October 27, 2023. This collaboration with the quantitative trading firm aimed to enhance market liquidity on the Vertex platform.

November – $ARB Trading Incentives & VRTX Token Launch:

November commenced with the introduction of $ARB Trading Incentives on Vertex. The successful proposal to the Arbitrum DAO’s Short-Term Incentives Program (STIP) on November 9, 2023, highlighted Vertex’s dedication to rewarding users for their participation.

Continuing the momentum, Vertex Protocol announced the official launch of the VRTX Token on November 6, 2023, following the Liquidity Bootstrapping Auction (LBA). This marked a crucial phase for Vertex as users could now claim, pool, trade, and stake the VRTX token.

December – Chainlink Integration & Cross-Chain Deposits:

The year culminated with Vertex Protocol integrating Chainlink Data Streams on December 19, 2023. This integration empowered Vertex with high-frequency market data on Arbitrum, further enhancing its capabilities.

Additionally, on December 12, 2023, Vertex Protocol unveiled the integration of cross-chain deposits, a result of the partnership with Axelar. The introduction of Squid Router on the Vertex app enabled secure cross-chain messaging protocols, offering users seamless interactions with over 50 blockchains.


2023 was a rewarding year for Vertex. In just a few months, it has pushed its way into the Top 3 DEXs in all crypto by daily trading volume. It has pioneered the successful merge of spot, perps, and money markets in a decentralized setting. From token launches to cutting-edge trading features and strategic collaborations, Vertex has consistently delivered on its promise to provide a top-tier decentralized trading experience. The journey continues in 2024. Here’s to Vertex and the thriving community that has been an integral part of this incredible year. Their commitment to push the boundaries of decentralized finance remains unwavered.

Cheers to a remarkable year and the continued ascent of Vertex Protocol!

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