Orbs now expands to Kava

Published on: 17.01.2024
Orbs now expands to Kava

Orbs now expands to Kava, connected via Axelar’s satellite bridge. The Orbs network’s native token, ORBS, has recently been integrated into Kava, a leading L1 platform boasting over $192 million in total value locked (TVL).

Introducing the Kava Network: A Revolutionary Blockchain Platform

The Kava Network is a groundbreaking Layer-1 blockchain that merges the Cosmos SDK’s speed and scalability with Ethereum’s developer support. Powered by its innovative co-chain architecture, the Kava Network offers developers the opportunity to create solutions for advanced blockchain technologies and Web3. To enable its decentralization and security, the network relies on KAVA, its native governance and staking token.

Co-Chain Architecture: The Backbone of Kava Network

Kava Network’s co-chain architecture is its standout feature. It allows developers to build and launch their projects using either the EVM or Cosmos SDK execution environments with effortless interoperability between the two. Once the Kava 10 upgrade is complete and the Kava Network mainnet is launched, the system is expected to function as shown in the following diagram.

Kava Network: A Unique Ecosystem

The Kava Network’s co-chains operate similarly to the two hemispheres of a brain. The Cosmos Co-Chain is designed with Cosmos ecosystem developers in mind, whereas the Ethereum Co-Chain is tailored to Ethereum ecosystem developers. The Translator Module bridges the gap between these two distinct execution environments, enabling them to work together seamlessly at scale.

The Kava Network’s advanced and developer-optimized Layer-1 architecture amalgamates two of the industry’s most utilized execution environments – Ethereum and Cosmos.

Ethereum Co-Chain is a platform that enables Solidity developers and their decentralized applications (dApps) to leverage the Kava Network’s scalability and security while remaining EVM-compatible.

The Cosmos co-chain is a secure and scalable blockchain built on the Cosmos SDK. It also enables Kava to interconnect with over 35 chains worth over $60B in the Cosmos ecosystem through the IBC protocol.

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