Chess3 partners with Skale

Published on: 28.02.2024
Chess3 partners with Skale

Chess3 partners with Skale Network for a new era in online Chess. Chess, known for its strategic depth and intellectual challenges, has captivated millions worldwide with its rich history and intricate gameplay.

Being one of the most ancient and beloved board games globally, its timeless allure has attracted enthusiasts from all generations, including casual players and renowned grandmasters. Even in the digital era, chess remains vibrant, with players engaging in competitions on different online platforms, highlighting the enduring popularity of the game.

In the midst of this digital revival, one wonders: How can blockchain technology improve the social and competitive elements of chess, ensuring accessibility, transparency, and trustworthiness for players globally? SKALE, the fastest blockchain network worldwide, is excited to reveal its collaboration with Chess3 to revolutionize the online chess experience using blockchain technology.

Chess3 is crafted to provide a trustless setting, enabling players to engage in secure betting against each other. This pioneering concept harnesses the transparency and security features of blockchain technology to cultivate trust among participants, guaranteeing the authenticity and integrity of every move and result.

Chess3 is a unique on-chain platform that enables players to participate in cryptocurrency wagering securely and transparently. By ensuring that all move histories are immutable and transparent through on-chain and off-chain data, the platform addresses concerns around fairness and cheating in online gaming. With future plans to implement an on-chain ELO ranking system, introduce a distinct currency, and organize eSports competitions, Chess3 aims to revolutionize chess into a spectator sport. This will allow fans to bet on top matches and interact with the game in innovative ways.

Why Chess3 Chose Skale Network?

Chess3 chose the SKALE Network for its zero gas fees, high scalability, and growing user base, which align with their goal of creating an accessible gaming experience. SKALE’s reputation in on-chain gaming solidified its position as the ideal platform for Chess3, supporting its innovative features and growth plans.

 “It’s our mission to build a truly incredible product that will aim to onboard the next million users into web3. With Skale and Chess3 sharing a combined philosophy on ‘Invisible Web3’, it was a no-brainer to launch on Skale.” — Daniel Tauhore, CEO and Co-Founder of Chess3


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