Alchemy partners with Astar Network

Published on: 20.03.2024
Alchemy Partners with Astar Network

Alchemy partners with Astar Network for seamless integration of its blockchain and $ASTR token. Astar Network is Japan’s most popular blockchain protocol, offering scalability to support a global Web3 vision for both individuals and enterprises.

Astar is flourishing in a vibrant ecosystem, leading the way in international corporate acceptance and consumer enthusiasm for Web3 technologies. The recent introduction of the Astar zkEVM mainnet, created in partnership with Polygon Labs, is expanding its cross-chain functionalities and addressing adoption and scalability hurdles. Additionally, Astar zkEVM stands out as the initial chain to incorporate Polygon AggLayer.

Alchemy Pay’s On-Ramp offers broad compatibility with different cryptocurrencies, allowing smooth fiat-based transactions. Operating in 173 countries worldwide, Alchemy Pay guarantees widespread access to purchasing cryptocurrencies through a variety of payment methods. These methods range from traditional choices like Visa and Mastercard to modern options such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as localized mobile wallets and domestic transfers. By utilizing a network of more than 300 local payment channels, Alchemy Pay expands beyond standard credit cards, granting users access to local mobile wallets for a seamless checkout process.

Moreover, Alchemy Pay actively pursues and secures licenses for payment and financial services to better serve users in various countries and regions. This proactive strategy enhances regulatory compliance and security measures. In March, Alchemy Pay acquired its third Money Transmitter License in the United States, complementing its existing five regulatory licenses encompassing Canada, Europe, Indonesia, and the United States. Furthermore, Alchemy Pay has received recognition from industry giants Visa and Mastercard, reinforcing its position as an accredited third-party payment service provider.

What is Astar Network

Astar Network facilitates projects in enterprises, entertainment, and gaming in Japan and globally, promoting web3 adoption with blockchain solutions. It utilizes Polygon and Polkadot technology for interoperable solutions, including zkEVM for Ethereum Layer 2 Scaling.

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Alchemy Pay

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