ArmourX joins Skale Network

Published on: 20.03.2024
ArmourX joins Skale Network

ArmourX joins Skale Network ecosystem for zero gas fees and blazing-fast speeds. Blockchain technology revolutionizes gaming, allowing players to create content and earn rewards. SKALE and Triumph Games partner to launch ArmourX on the SKALE Network, blending entertainment with player engagement.

ArmourX presents a distinctive mix of play-to-earn elements and user-generated content (UGC) where players take on the role of Earth’s guardians defending against alien invasions. The game is centered around fostering player involvement by incorporating a complex system of in-game tokens, NFTs, and soon, a player asset rental platform.

By partnering with SKALE, ArmourX aims to utilize SKALE’s zero gas fees and immediate transaction confirmation to deliver a seamless gaming experience. These features are especially attractive to ArmourX as they target both web2 and web3 users, ensuring smooth onboarding with custodial wallets – a strategy endorsed by Stardust, another SKALE ally, for its effectiveness and user-friendly approach.

Statement of the Founder

 “As a founding member of ArmourX, we envisioned a game that not only pushed the boundaries of gameplay but also embraced the revolutionary potential of blockchain technology. We chose SKALE for its scalability, security, and ability to seamlessly integrate with our vision for tokenomics and NFTs.”— Ryan, Founder of ArmourX

Triumph Games, continues to open doors to new worlds every day and is working excitedly to create new games and unique ideas!

The partnership of SKALE and ArmourX goes beyond a mere collaboration; it signifies a progression in the gaming world, where technology and innovation combine to provide engaging and fulfilling experiences. As this adventure continues, gamers are poised to venture into uncharted territories, protected by Earth’s defenders, shaping the future of gameplay and beyond.

SKALE is a high-speed blockchain for secure Ethereum scaling. It offers zero gas fees, AI/ML smart contracts, file storage, interchain messaging, and free minting. Developers can quickly deploy customizable EVM blockchains with speed, security, and decentralization.

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