Coldstack partners with NucoCloud

Published on: 27.03.2024
Coldstack partners with NucoCloud

Coldstack partners with NucoCloud. This partnership is set to reshape the landscape of decentralized cloud computing and propel the adoption of blockchain technologies to new heights.

Coldstack, a groundbreaking Decentralized Cloud aggregator, is teaming up with, an innovative decentralized mesh hyperscaler, in a partnership set to transform how cloud services are utilized worldwide.

The ColdStack platform provides users with access to decentralized storage networks, offering cost-efficient solutions through AI technology. The platform ensures compatibility with AWS, uses the $CLS token for access, and aims to empower global users to manage data securely in a decentralized setting. is a pioneer of innovation in cloud computing, harnessing the combined computing power of a worldwide community to establish a Decentralized Mesh Hyperscaler. This revolutionary method not only supports sustainability by utilizing unused computing resources but also enables exceptional scalability and accessibility for users in need of cloud computing services.

The Partnership Objectives

ColdStack and are partnering to create a unified Web3 ecosystem promoting decentralization, interoperability, and inclusivity. This collaboration aims to boost blockchain technology adoption, empower developers and businesses, and advance decentralized cloud computing.

Their collaboration will cover a variety of projects focused on promoting innovation, education, and community involvement within the Web3 sector. From joint marketing efforts to shared research and development ventures, they are dedicated to exploring new horizons and expanding the limits of decentralized cloud computing.

ColdStack and are more than just partners; they are pioneers working towards revolutionizing the landscape of cloud computing. Their goal is to expedite the shift towards a decentralized, interconnected, and empowered digital environment.

BRIEF INFORMATION ABOUT is the World’s First Decentralized Mesh Hyperscaler. By providing your computing power when you don’t need it, the global community can benefit. When you’re out and need power, you have access to a global network of cloud computing.

Revolutionizing cloud computing using global unused computing power and advanced distribution technology. The SKYNET connects to data centers globally, providing low-cost computing power (70-90% cheaper) to scale AI and technologies effectively.


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