Solv partners with Antalpha

Published on: 08.05.2024
Solv partners with Antalpha

Solv Protocol partners with Antalpha Prime, a key strategic partner to Bitmain, a prominent player in the cryptocurrency mining industry.

This partnership utilizes Antalpha’s Bitcoin management expertise with their flagship product, Antalpha Prime, to enhance trading strategy returns for SolvBTC, the world’s pioneering yield-bearing Bitcoin.

Central to this collaborative effort is a mutual goal to propel the advancement of BTCFi and provide Bitcoin users with exceptional access to top-tier investment prospects. Founded in 2021 and based in Singapore, Antalpha has garnered substantial trust from institutions, emerging businesses, and accredited investors.

This partnership enables us to utilize their technology and infrastructure to enhance the protection of user assets.

The cornerstone product of Antalpha is the Antalpha Prime platform, leveraging decentralized technology to safeguard funds and facilitate connections with premium global assets.

Established in 2021 and based in Singapore, Antalpha has built strong credibility with institutions, startup teams, and accredited investors. Moreover, Antalpha is a key ally of Bitmain, a leading figure in cryptocurrency mining.

What is Solv Protocol

Solv Protocol is a native yield platform powered by decentralized asset management infrastructure, dedicated to tokenizing and aggregating high-quality yields from across the industry. It serves as a unified liquidity gateway, aimed at reducing the barriers and costs for users seeking access to high-quality investment opportunities. Solv is backed by Binance Labs, NOMURA Group, Mirana, Blockchain Capital and more.


Native yield assets on Solv are yield-bearing tokens that increase in value over time, offering a blend of institutional-grade yields, unparalleled flexibility, and seamless integrations across the expanding DeFi ecosystem.

Solv introduces a trading-strategy-based mechanism designed to leverage various chains, protocols, and exchanges to access diverse yield opportunities. By dynamically allocating liquidity across different trading strategies, it maximizes the generation of competitive native yields. Solv’s journey begins with introducing SolvBTC, SolvETH, and SolvUSD, presenting inherent yield possibilities for BTC, ETH, and USD. These vaults mark the initial phase in its mission to offer native yields for various assets.

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Solv Protocol

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