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“DeFi Gender Equality”, Decentralized Finance (DeFi). But beyond its potential for financial innovation and disruption, DeFi holds promise as a powerful force for promoting...
Scaling Ethereum with Arbitrum’s Optimistic Rollups! The scalability trilemma has long been a central challenge in the blockchain space, particularly evident in Ethereum’s...
Oddiyana invested to RunesFi a one-stop infra hub on Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s Ordinals have evolved substantially with the introduction of standards like BRC-20 and its derivatives, such as...
Stasis partners with YakDAO! STASIS continues to advance on the RWA front, forging bonds with the prominent players of this trendy sector and exploring more exotic use cases. The latest...
We are exploring the Potential of DAOs! Decentralized Autonomous Organizations have emerged as a groundbreaking concept in the realm of blockchain technology and decentralized...
In recent years, decentralized finance (DeFi) has emerged as a groundbreaking force in the financial world, leveraging blockchain technology to create open, permissionless, and highly...
Shogun raised $6.9M in the seed funding round. Shogun is an intent layer for the Interchain. Its vision is to accelerate the adoption of DeFi by providing a user experience in which no user...
IQ Protocol and LightLink partnership has been announced. LightLink is an Ethereum Layer-2 blockchain that revolutionizes dApp and enterprise user experiences with instant, gasless...
YFX partners with Chainlink Data Streams to power decentralized perpetuals exchange on Arbitrum mainnet. YFX has enhanced its DeFi user experience by incorporating DeFi’s...
Exploring risks and opportunities in DeFi Yield Farming. An article tackled the certain risks of yield farming in the DeFi landscape. In the fast-evolving landscape of decentralized finance...
QuickNode partners with Morph! Users can now get their Morph RPC endpoint up and running instantly with QuickNode, swift, seamless, and superior blockchain performance. The Quicknode...
The role of Oracles in a decentralized finance ecosystem, ensuring reliable Data Feeds for Smart Contracts In the ever-evolving landscape of decentralized finance (DeFi), where smart...
Stablecoins in Decentralized Finance (DeFi), examining stability mechanisms and their role in the crypto economy. Stablecoins have emerged as a vital component of the rapidly expanding realm...
Solv Protocol partners with Antalpha Prime, a key strategic partner to Bitmain, a prominent player in the cryptocurrency mining industry. This partnership utilizes Antalpha’s Bitcoin...
The Fusion of DeFi and Sports Betting is an article expressing or analyzing how decentralized finance empowers the sports betting ecosystem. In recent years, the convergence of decentralized...
 MOST mainnet is coming to Aleph Zero a layer 1 that enables teams to deploy scalable, secure, low-cost, and ZK privacy-enhanced products across multiple verticals—from DeFi and gaming to...
In the rapidly evolving landscape of decentralized finance (DeFi), Arbitrum has emerged as a beacon of innovation, offering scalability and reduced transaction costs for users and developers...
In decentralized finance (DeFi), where innovation and disruption are the norm, one area stands out as particularly promising: philanthropy. Traditional charity models often face...
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