Arcium Raises $5.5M for First Parallelized Confidential Computing Network

Published on: 10.05.2024
Arcium Raises $5.5M

Arcium raises $5.5M marks a significant milestone in the development of its first parallelized confidential computing network.

Arcium raises $5.5M strategic funding round, spearheaded by Greenfield Capital, marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey, bringing total capital raised to $9 million. With notable participation from industry giants such as Coinbase, Heartcore Capital, and Solana Ventures, alongside angel investors including Anatoly Yakovenko and Keone Han, Arcium is poised for exponential growth in the realm of confidential computing.

This substantial funding underscores the industry’s recognition of Arcium’s innovative approach to providing trustless and configurable frameworks for encrypted computations.

Arcium Revolutionizes Environmental Monitoring with DePIN-powered Network

The demand for accurate data in addressing climate change and air pollution, coupled with the projected $40 billion market for environmental monitoring by 2030, highlights the critical role Arcium plays. Leveraging the DePIN model, Arcium has emerged as the fastest-growing decentralized network of climate and ambient sensors across more than 20 countries. This network, offering real-time data feeds every 5 minutes, revolutionizes environmental monitoring on a global scale.

Arcium’s Evolution: From Elusiv to Universal Privacy in Web3

The strategic funding round led by Greenfield Capital signifies a pivotal moment in Arcium’s evolution from its predecessor, Elusiv. Initially focused on providing zero-knowledge privacy protocols on Solana, Elusiv laid the foundation for Arcium’s vision of universal privacy and confidentiality in Web3. The decision to sunset Elusiv and redirect resources towards generalizing the technology behind ZEUS underscores Arcium’s commitment to advancing privacy and confidentiality across various Web3 verticals.

Arcium’s Innovative Confidential Computing Solution: Overcoming Limitations and Empowering Developers

Arcium’s innovative approach to parallelized confidential computing addresses the limitations of existing solutions. By implementing Multiparty Computation Execution Environments (MXEs), Arcium offers a highly customizable and chain-agnostic network for developers. This composable architecture streamlines the development process, empowering developers to access scalable confidential states tailored to their specific needs. Arcium’s launch on Solana and the introduction of Private Incentivized and Public Testnets position the company to usher in a new era of encrypted applications and transform the landscape of Web3.

About Arcium

The first parallelized confidential computing network. Empowering developers and applications to flexibly access trustless, verifiable, and performant confidential computing power.





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