Synternet is Integrating into the Peaqosystem

Published on: 10.05.2024
Synternet is Integrating into the Peaqosystem

Synternet is bringing peaq on board as a data publisher, allowing developers to create event-driven dApps that leverage real-time data from the heart of DePINs.

This integration simplifies access to peaq’s data feed for DePIN builders, accelerating development and enabling innovative designs.

Data is essential for the Economy of Things on peaq, and this integration strengthens it. Ultimately, this means more opportunities for builders and a wider range of exciting dApps and DePINs for the community.

Live Data Stream for the Economy of Things

Live data is critical for the Economy of Things, ensuring all connected components work together seamlessly. For instance, a navigation dApp needs real-time traffic data to reroute drivers, and a smart power grid requires information on current energy demands. These use cases, and many others, rely on a constant stream of live data to adapt and deliver optimal results.

Synternet Provides the Solution

Synternet, a leader in blockchain data infrastructure, joins the peaq ecosystem to address this need. They’re integrating peaq as a publisher on their Data Layer, a distributed network that provides data streams to subscribers. This makes peaq’s on-chain data, including transactions and DePIN dataflows, available as a live stream on Synternet’s decentralized network.

Customization and Future Expansion

The peaq stream is highly customizable, allowing builders to filter and receive only relevant data. This data can be used for analytics, data visualizations, building event-driven dApps, and training AI models. peaq’s testnet, agung, is already integrated as a publisher, with data streams from peaq’s sister chain, krest, and mainnet to follow soon.

About peaq

peaq is a Layer-1 blockchain specifically designed for Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN) and Machine-Readable Writes (Machine RWA). It’s built on a multi-chain layer-one architecture, allowing for fast transactions (potentially over 100,000 per second) at low costs (around $0.00025 each). peaq also boasts an eco-friendly design and access to a large pool of developers familiar with Web3.

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About Synternet

Synternet is a blockchain revolutionizing data exchange across different blockchains. Its core, the Data Layer, acts as a secure and adaptable middle ground, allowing data to flow freely between them. Built for speed, security, and compatibility, the Data Layer empowers developers, businesses, and users to participate in a completely decentralized data marketplace. By removing the need for centralized control, Synternet offers instant and effortless access to both live and historical data stored on blockchains. This modular data infrastructure creates a thriving ecosystem that fuels the next wave of decentralized applications and opens doors for groundbreaking advancements.

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