Fyde integrates with LandX

Published on: 11.05.2024
Fyde integrates with LandX

Fyde integrates with LandX Finance within its Liquidity Vault. This opens up fresh opportunities for $LNDX holders to generate yield, broaden their exposure, and access liquidity. Furthermore, it enhances TRSY holders’ exposure to RWAs.

LandX connects physical farmland with DeFi using its commodity vaults. By pledging a portion of their crop indefinitely, farmers receive financial support. Validators tokenize the crops, while Investors buy xTokens that mirror real farmland commodity investments.

The Perpetual Commodity Vaults Protocol

Commodity vaults provide investors with an inflation-hedged return backed by a legal contract secured on underlying farmland. LandX makes commodity vaults available as a liquid digital asset.

Welcome to LandX!

LandX is a decentralized protocol that closes the gap between farmland owners and crypto investors through blockchain-based perpetual commodity vaults. The LandX protocol enables an agreement between borrowers (farmers) and investors. The vault acts as a blockchain-based token that trades for a market-determined principal price. The holder of the staked token receives a daily yield of the underlying commodity in perpetuity.

LandX is built on the Ethereum blockchain, meaning all transactions reach consensus through a peer-to-peer system. There is no third party needed for any financial transaction (token trade). The LandX code is autonomous and executes on Ethereum in a permissionless manner.

Introducing Fyde Treasury Protocol

Fyde Treasury Protocol enables the crypto ecosystem to increase token liquidity, generate yield, and diversify downside risk – all while retaining token governance rights. The protocol introduces an innovation, the Liquid Vault, that creates large multi-asset liquidity vaults directly accessible by the user’s native governance token.

Fyde’s Support for LandX

Fyde provides LandX core members, the treasury, and the wider community the opportunity to diversify holdings while accruing diversified yield and maintaining governance rights through the $govTRSY-LNDX token.

During their current integration phase, Fyde offers LandX the opportunity to diversify its existing LNDX treasury position. They anticipate enhancing integration with LandX xBasket by increasing its focus on yield-bearing RWAs and distributing this asset backed by farms to treasuries within the sector.

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Fyde Treasury Protocol

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