IQ Protocol and LightLink Partnership

Published on: 12.05.2024
IQ Protocol and LightLink Partnership

IQ Protocol and LightLink partnership has been announced. LightLink is an Ethereum Layer-2 blockchain that revolutionizes dApp and enterprise user experiences with instant, gasless transactions.

This partnership represents a major advancement in their goal to revolutionize Web3 gaming and NFT communities, introducing unmatched scalability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness to their ecosystem.

LightLink: Empowering Gasless Transactions

With a token launch on April 24, 2024, and a live Mainnet since 2023, developers can now provide users with instant, gasless transactions through the Enterprise Mode.

Some key features of Enterprise Mode are:

  • Contract Address Whitelist: Developers activate a whitelist of contract addresses for gasless transactions.
  • Subscription-Based Gas Subsidies: Developers pay a monthly subscription fee to cover gas costs for whitelisted dApp users.
  • Seamless User Experience: Users interact with whitelisted dApps without transaction fees.

Empowering Web3 Gaming through IQ Protocol

Integrating IQ Protocol with LightLink is opening doors to a fresh era of decentralized gaming. By utilizing LightLink’s scalability and Enterprise Mode advantages, developers can craft engaging gaming experiences, offering users effortless access to NFTs and in-game assets. This collaboration marks a strategic move towards a more inclusive and user-focused gaming landscape.

What to Anticipate

As IQ Protocol partners with LightLink, exciting advancements are on the horizon for its community. Expect innovative developments such as:

  • Innovative Gaming Experiences: Immersive games powered by LightLink’s fast, gasless transactions.
  • Enhanced NFT Rental Solutions: Seamless rental and engagement with gaming NFTs.

IQ Protocol is a permissionless, open-source NFT rental technology that enables users to seamlessly discover and onboard blockchain games and NFT projects. Beyond rental infrastructure, IQ Protocol offers tailored solutions for games to enhance player engagement, activity, and liquidity.

LightLink is an Ethereum Layer-2 blockchain that provides immediate, gasless transactions with its innovative Enterprise Mode. Utilizing a proprietary stack including Celestia for data availability, PythApi3 for oracle data, and Unizen for cross-chain connectivity, LightLink ensures a smooth experience for enterprises, dApps, and users.

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