Telos is now on Alchemy Pay

Published on: 12.05.2024
Telos is now on Alchemy Pay

Telos is now on the Alchemy Pay fiat onramp solution platform. Alchemy Pay, a top fiat-crypto payment gateway, partners with Telos, a Layer 0 network supporting Zero Knowledge tech for scalability and privacy. As a collaborative initiative, Telo incorporates the Alchemy Pay On-Ramp solution, seamlessly integrating it into its website under the “Buy Telos” portal. 

The integration simplifies the process for users to obtain $TLOS in a direct and compliant way. Users can now buy $TLOS via Alchemy Pay’s ramp page, offering payment choices such as Visa, Mastercard, popular mobile wallets, and local bank transfers. This enhancement broadens access to a larger audience across 173 countries and supports more than 50 fiat currencies.

Collaboration Significance

The collaboration between Alchemy Pay and Telos is poised to greatly improve user experience within the Telos ecosystem. Telos benefits from Alchemy Pay’s extensive global presence, ultimately boosting blockchain accessibility on a global scale.

Telos is a DPOS Layer-1 blockchain network with high developer compatibility, tools for smart contract deployment on Telos EVM, robust governance, and a community focused on Web3. $TLOS powers the ecosystem with a decentralized distribution approach.

Alchemy Pay specializes in enabling cryptocurrency and Web3 services to access fiat payments, expanding payment options beyond credit cards to include local mobile wallets and bank transfers. With a global presence in 173 countries and over 300 payment channels, it is authorized by Visa and Mastercard as a third-party service provider. Alchemy Pay holds licenses in various countries, including the UK, the US, Canada, Indonesia, and Lithuania, and recently acquired an MTL license in New Hampshire.

Telos is a Layer 0 network enabling Zero Knowledge technology for scalability and privacy in various industries. It has over 1.2 million accounts, diverse partners, and dApps. Telos, launched in 2018, boasts a five-year uninterrupted service history, hosting the rapid Telos EVM. Positioned as a leader, Telos drives corporate integration into Web3 and decentralized solutions.


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