YFX partners with Chainlink

Published on: 12.05.2024
YFX partners with Chainlink

YFX partners with Chainlink Data Streams to power decentralized perpetuals exchange on Arbitrum mainnet. YFX has enhanced its DeFi user experience by incorporating DeFi’s industry-standard, pull-based, low-latency oracle solution, supported by the reputable and unbiased Chainlink infrastructure.

YFX’s initial integration includes utilizing the Chainlink Data Streams for AVAX/USD, BNB/USD, BTC/USD, DOGE/USD, ETH/USD, LINK/USD, USDC/USD, and USDT/USD.

The YFX has selected Chainlink Data Streams as the favored low-latency Oracle solution due to their provision of high-quality data through established Chainlink infrastructure. This setup ensures exceptional performance and security, even during unforeseen circumstances like exchange downtime, sudden market drops, and potential data manipulation attacks facilitated by flash loans.

YFX V4 is a decentralized perpetuals exchange offering a comprehensive and cost-effective trading platform with a leverage of up to 200x. It introduces features like the Premium Index, Market Price, and a referral system with up to 75% rebate rate for users.

After exploring different options, YFX decided to incorporate Chainlink Data Streams due to their ability to provide a wide range of essential features including:

  • Sub-second price resolutions
  • Frontrunning protection
  • Decentralized onchain execution
  • Time-tested Infrastructure

“YFX is excited to integrate the industry-standard Chainlink Data Streams to unlock next-gen DeFi performance for our decentralized perpetuals exchange. With Data Streams now live on YFX, users can have greater confidence that their trades are faster, less prone to frontrunning, and underpinned by battle-tested Chainlink infrastructure.” —0xEuler, Representative of YFX Community

Chainlink is a decentralized computing platform used for the verifiable web, enabling access to real-world data, off-chain computation, and secure cross-chain interoperability. It supports the creation of applications and markets in sectors like banking, DeFi, global trade, and gaming.

YFX, a decentralized perpetual protocol established in 2020, evolved over four versions to become community managed. Led by 0xEuler and developers, the team launched V4 to meet market demands for decentralized perpetual contracts, aiming to improve capital utilization and system fairness.


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