Blobs on BNB Greenfield

Published on: 15.05.2024

Blobs on BNB Greenfield, BlobHub ensures data integrity, accessibility, and longevity—key factors in a data-intensive blockchain environment.

What is Blob Storage?

“Blobs,” introduced in BEP 336, stand for “Blob-Carrying Transactions,” an advancement for handling large data on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC). Each blob is a temporary memory segment storing up to 128 KB, designed to efficiently manage network storage by occupying space only temporarily. This reduces storage demands and lowers gas fees for users. As Blobs on BNB Greenfield.

Blobs streamline transaction verification by confirming the accuracy of data within the blob, reducing computational burden and speeding up transactions. This is especially beneficial for opBNB, the layer 2 network using BSC for data storage and security. This approach efficiently manages data bloat while maintaining data integrity and accessibility.

How Does BlobHub Operate in BNB Greenfield?

BlobHub operations in BSC are integral to managing and synchronizing large-scale data across blockchain networks. The Hub comprises the blob-syncer, api-server, and bundle-service.

  • The blob-syncer fetches and stores blobs from Ethereum and other blockchains into Greenfield, ensuring data from various sources is integrated within BSC.
  • The api-server processes historical blob queries from users
  • The bundle-service aggregates, validates, and efficiently uploads blobs to Greenfield.
The Impact of BlobHub

BlobHub revolutionizes how data is handled in blockchain environments by offering:

  • Reduced Costs: By archiving data efficiently, BlobHub helps reduce the costs associated with large data volumes.
  • Enhanced Scalability: With blob storage, BNB Greenfield can handle more transactions and data without significant slowdowns or increased costs.
  • Improved Data Integrity: The verification processes and data handling methods ensure that the data remains unchanged and secure


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