Subquery partners with Energy Web

Published on: 15.05.2024
Subquery partners with Energy Web

Subquery partners with Energy Web to bring fast and reliable Data Indexing. SubQuery proudly declares its support for Energy Web, an open-source platform dedicated to advancing the decarbonization of the energy industry. The SubQuery Network now backs Energy Web’s EVM, Polkadot parachain – EWC (EVM), and EWX (Parachain).

SubQuery’s indexing features empower Energy Web developers to effectively handle and search on-chain data, speeding up development processes and aiding quick prototyping, ultimately supporting the goal of bringing new users onboard to the Energy Web stack.

Developers working on Energy Web can utilize SubQuery’s flexible, fast, open, and decentralized data indexing solution. This provides developers with essential resources to effectively handle and retrieve on-chain data for various applications.

SubQuery streamlines complex backend operations by offering developers a customized API. This allows them to concentrate on enhancing product development and user experiences, eliminating the need to allocate resources for indexing solutions.

“We at Energy Web are thrilled to announce our collaboration with SubQuery Network. With the Energy Web Chain (EWC), based on the EVM, and the Energy Web X Parachain (EWX), based on substrate, our ecosystem gains significant momentum with the indexing capabilities provided by SubQuery Network. This partnership ensures swift access to both chains, enhancing the seamless functionality of our ecosystem.”Daniyal Ajdadi, Director of Marketing and Communications at Energy Web

“We are excited to support Energy Web and we believe this integration will open up exciting opportunities and we can’t wait to see what dApps developers on Energy Web build with our fast, flexible, and open indexing technology.” — Sam Zou, Founder and CEO of SubQuery

Using SubQuery to index both EWC (EVM) and EWX (Parachain) enables builders to provide the Energy Web community with deep insights into the whole ecosystem regarding on-chain data, metrics, tokenomics, APY calculations, worker node statistics and general knowledge. Being able to query a blockchain like a relational database is a game changer for developers and opens up a ton of use cases, not only for the community, but enterprise adoption as well. And with SubQuery this can all be done in true decentralized fashion.” Jeroen, Energy Web Champion

Why should one utilize a SubQuery?

SubQuery simplifies the process of creating a personalized API for your dApp or smart contracts within minutes, offering organized indexed data for various services. The developer experience with SubQuery is exceptional, offering flexibility such as making external API calls, importing external libraries directly into mapping functions, and enhanced controls for running projects on personal infrastructure with automated DOS (denial of service) protection. Furthermore, there are currently no intentions to discontinue our managed service.

SubQuery is engineered for speed, which becomes crucial when indexing millions of ledgers. When selecting your indexer, this feature should be taken into account. Through the utilization of multi-threading and store optimization to minimize expensive database writes, SubQuery manages to achieve this speed. Accelerated synchronization times empower developers to iterate swiftly and introduce new features to the market promptly.

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