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Subquery now supports OriginTrail with ultra-fast Data Indexing to boost AI adoption. OriginTrail is an ecosystem that leverages both blockchain and Decentralized Knowledge Graph to power a...
SubQuery Partnership with Bitsong a blockchain-based ecosystem designed to enhance the music industry’s capabilities. Bitsong is a decentralized platform that connects artists, fans,...
SubQuery Integrates with Marble DAO allows users to stake, earn, lend and trade NFTs safely, querying most of their smart contracts in DEX and NFT dApps. SubQuery gives the DEX the ability...
SubQuery Collaboration with Sei Network opens up exciting possibilities for developers to tap into Sei valuable on-chain data. Traders require fast access to on-chain data, given the...
SubQuery Selecting NEAR Data Indexer simplifies the process of querying and retrieving data. Indexing blockchain data simplifies searching and accessing application-relevant information,...
Subquery partners with White Whale an Interchain Liquidity Solutions protocol within the Cosmos ecosystem. White Whale creates a unifying hub for a token’s liquidity and then sub-divides...
Subquery Partnership with White Whale, an Interchain Liquidity Solutions protocol that creates a unifying hub for a token’s liquidity. White Whale use SubQuery to index many Cosmos...
Subquery Partnership with Comdex, DeFi infrastructure layer for the Cosmos ecosystem, creating an ecosystem of interoperable solutions. Comdex developers will benefit from the superior...
Persistence integrates with Subquery for fast & reliable Data Indexing in decentralized finance. Persistence is an appchain for liquid staking powering an ecosystem of DeFi applications...
Subquery Now Supports BNB Chain, developers will benefit from the superior SubQuery indexing experience, including the open-source SDK, tools, documentation, and developer support. BNB...
Subquery Network: Ethereum Support, SubQuery is an open data indexer that is designed to be flexible, fast and provide universal coverage. Why Use SubQuery? SubQuery also brings some major...
SubQuery Latest Feature Project Alert Notifications, providing real-time project health monitoring assistance to clients so they may fix problems and avoid negative effects on their...
SubQuery Expands Indexing Support in Cosmos with OKC (OKX Chain) Integration SubQuery’s goal has always been to provide fast and efficient indexing to the widest variety of chains...
SubQuery Joins Singapore FinTech Festival 2022 SubQuery Joins Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) 2022, the world’s most impactful financial technology Festival! Since its inception in...
SubQuery Integration with Osmosis SubQuery Integration With Osmosis.  The SubQuery has extended its data indexing support to Osmosis Zone, a leading DeFi platform in the Cosmos...
SubQuery now Support Indexing on Avalanche, Heroes of NFT are one of the first teams to build on Avalanche Subnet and are using SubQuery to index idle game campaign creation...
SubQuery Partners with Starrybot, discord bot which enables the guild admin to create token-gated roles and channels with CW721, CW20. Administrators of a Discord can add the bot and set up...
SubQuery Launches Kepler Network, an incentivized testnet on Karura Network, with details of Kepler Network and kSQT. Kepler represents the next stage of development for SubQuery and is the...
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