Canto and Subsquid Empowering Next-Gen Developers

Published on: 22.05.2024
Canto and Subsquid Empowering Next-Gen Developers

Canto and Subsquid are devoted to empowering the next generation of developers through innovative solutions and dedicated support.

Canto and Subsquid are empowering next-gen developers by revolutionizing the developer experience through innovative integration. Canto is revolutionizing the developer experience by integrating Subsquid, a decentralized, multichain data lake, to enhance project indexing solutions. Following a successful hackathon that showcased a surge in high-quality projects, the necessity for a robust indexing solution became apparent. Subsquid steps in to address this need, offering a groundbreaking alternative to RPC nodes for extracting onchain data.

Benefits of Subsquid Integration

Subsquid’s integration brings a multitude of benefits to Canto’s ecosystem. Firstly, it enhances developer productivity by streamlining data extraction processes, allowing developers to focus more on building and less on infrastructure management. Additionally, Subsquid offers cost-efficiency by eliminating the need for expensive RPC nodes, making development more accessible to a wider range of developers. Moreover, its real-time data processing capabilities ensure that developers have access to the most up-to-date information for their projects.

Empowering Development and User Experience

With Subsquid’s innovative data indexing, real-time analytics, and scalability, building on Canto has never been more efficient or powerful. This integration creates a flywheel of development, where improved developer productivity and cost-efficiency translate into better user experiences. Developers can now leverage Subsquid’s capabilities to create more sophisticated and dynamic applications, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience within the Canto ecosystem.


The integration of Subsquid marks a significant milestone in Canto’s mission to revolutionize developer tools within the blockchain space. By addressing the need for robust indexing solutions and providing enhanced developer productivity, cost-efficiency, and real-time data processing capabilities, Canto is poised to lead the charge in empowering developers and enhancing user experiences. As the ecosystem continues to evolve, Canto remains committed to fostering innovation and driving forward the adoption of decentralized technologies.



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