Viction Collaborates with Lumoz

Published on: 28.05.2024
Viction Collaborates with Lumoz

Viction collaborates with Lumoz, using Polygon CDK to accelerate the growth of AppChain in Asia

Viction, an Asian blockchain hub, aims to empower builders by providing resources and support. To enhance scalability, it’s partnering with Lumoz, leveraging Polygon CDK for scalable Layer 2 blockchains and Lumoz’s ZK-RaaS platform for application chain creation.

This collaboration combines Viction’s support ecosystem, Polygon CDK’s scalability framework, and Lumoz’s ZK-Rollup expertise. Together, they aim to enable builders to “Scale Beyond Limits” by simplifying chain creation and fostering a connected blockchain community. This partnership promises a future of limitless possibilities for blockchain innovation and interconnectivity.

About Viction

Viction is a people-centric blockchain, offering zero-gas transactions and enhanced security to make Web3 easy and safe for everyone. Now with Viction World Wide Chain, we provide a novel solution representing a network of app chains that operate concurrently, anchored by a common settlement on Viction. Build, own, win, and be part of Viction World Wide Chain where everyone scales beyond limits.

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About Polygon Labs

Polygon Labs is a software development company building and developing a network of aggregated blockchains via the AggLayer, secured by Ethereum. As public infrastructure, the AggLayer will bring together user bases and liquidity for any connected chain, and leverage Ethereum as a settlement layer.  Polygon Labs has also contributed to the core development of several widely-adopted scaling protocols and tools for launching blockchains, including Polygon PoS, Polygon zkEVM, and Polygon Miden, which is in development as well as Polygon CDK.

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About Lumoz

Lumoz is the leading Modular Compute Layer for ZK&AI and RaaS Platform. Lumoz uses PoW mining mechanism to provide computing power for Rollup, ZK-ML and ZKP verification. Lumoz also offers a unique feature for Web3 developers, namely, the ability to generate general application chains with a single click.

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