Automata contributes to to Puffer’s Secure-Signe

Published on: 29.05.2024
Automata contributes to Puffer's Secure-Signe

Automata contributes to Puffer’s SGX-based Secure-Signer with grant support.

Automata Network is collaborating with Puffer on Secure-Signer, a tool for preventing slashing attacks in blockchain networks. Secure-Signer, supported by an Ethereum Foundation Grant, utilizes Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) for secure signing. Automata has developed a Solidity verifier for Data Center Attestation Primitives (DCAP) attestations, essential for future attestation workflows.

Secure-Signer ensures validators’ uptime and prevents double-signing by storing staking keys in secure hardware. This approach, leveraging Intel SGX, significantly raises the bar for attackers aiming to breach security. Automata and Puffer will enhance Secure-Signer by focusing on smart contract verification, TEE Committees, programmable slashing conditions, and secure validator migration.

Puffer is also expanding support for Multi-Prover AVS, including Automata’s AVS, to enhance security through diverse TEE Provers. This approach strengthens integrity and decentralization, crucial for Layer 2 solutions like rollups, while maintaining Ethereum’s core principles of decentralization, composability, and verifiability.

About Automata Network

Automata Network is a modular attestation layer that extends machine trust to Ethereum with TEE Coprocessors. Its Multi-Prover AVS bootstrap TEE Committees to harden security for rollups with a secondary TEE Prover.

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About Puffer Finance

As the first and only decentralized Liquid Restaking Protocol, Puffer is a pioneer in the Ethereum staking space. The Puffer protocol introduces native Liquid Restaking Tokens (nLRTs), which provide greater rewards opportunities than traditional LSTs. Highlighted by our first-to-market anti-slasher technology (backed by an Ethereum Foundation grant), and validator tickets (co-developed with Justin Drake), Puffer delivers solutions ahead of and aligned with the Ethereum roadmap. The protocol merges RocketPool’s decentralized ethos (permissionless Eth validators) with Lido’s efficiency (reputable restaking operators) to deliver a superior staking solution that proudly contributes back to Ethereum’s decentralization.

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