Dmail Network and Oyster Labs Strategic Partnership

Published on: 29.05.2024
Dmail Network and Oyster Labs Strategic Partnership

Dmail Network is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Oyster Labs, the innovative force behind Oysterworld

The partnership between Dmail Network and Oyster Labs leverages strategic synergies to enhance both the Oysterworld ecosystem and the broader Web3 community. Key elements include:

1. Pre-installation of Dmail: All 12,000 Universal Phones from Oyster Labs will come with Dmail pre-installed, offering secure, decentralized email services immediately to users.
2. Dmail Airdrop: Dmail Network will airdrop its native token to Universal Phone holders to encourage engagement with decentralized services.
3. Token Utilization for Activation: Oyster Labs may use their native token to activate Dmail users, driving adoption and integration of both platforms.

This collaboration aims to break barriers in blockchain and Web3 adoption, particularly in mobile technology. By merging Oyster Labs’ mobile innovations with Dmail Network’s secure communication services, they provide an integrated user experience to promote blockchain technology engagement.


About Oysterworld

Oyster Labs is pioneering blockchain integration in mobile ecosystems with Oysterworld, its flagship Web3-native smartphone designed for the Telegram ecosystem. Known as the Universal Phone, it hosts over 600 DApps and is designed to streamline mobile blockchain adoption. The launch was a resounding success, with 12,000 units sold in just three days. Oyster Labs’ participation in the TON X Hashkey Accelerator underscores its commitment to innovation and growth in the blockchain space

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About Dmail

Dmail Network is an AI-powered decentralized communication infrastructure built to provide encrypted emails, unified notifications, and targeted marketing across multiple chains and dApps for users, developers, and marketers.





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