The Graph Protocol AI Service

Published on: 30.05.2024
The Graph Protocol AI Service

The Graph Protocol AI Service has been introduced. To bring AI capabilities to life, Agentc, a ChatGPT-like tool built on The Graph’s Uniswap data, has been released as a public demo!

Available for a brief two-week window, this tool uses The Graph to facilitate natural language interactions with blockchain data. It encourages users to play around with Agentc to visualize the impact of The Graph as AI infrastructure and share feedback with the team. Following this public demo period, Semiotic will open-source the codebase for Agentc, promoting further innovation by developers across the ecosystem.

 Two Innovative AI Services

By introducing two innovative AI services, The Graph is entering a new era of decentralized AI. These services leverage The Graph’s extensive historical data and robust decentralized infrastructure to deliver a reliable and censorship-resistant platform for deploying and running AI models. The services unleash new ways for dapps to integrate AI into their applications and a new chapter for bringing AI to web3 data.

  1.  Inference Service
    Enables developers to host AI models using The Graph’s already established, decentralized, and efficient marketplace of Indexers for computing. By serving AI models on The Graph, developers benefit from reliable infrastructure with proven protocol economics that support scalable AI model deployment and inference – thus enabling dapps to natively integrate AI, such as ChatGPT-like features, directly into their frontends.
  2. Agent Service
    It further empowers developers to build autonomous, AI-driven dapps capable of complex interactions within blockchain environments.

The Graph’s AI Services

Building an Inference Service to empower decentralized AI applications (AI dapps) built on
The Graph’s decentralized infrastructure and, optionally, using web3 data.

Inference is running a neural network using inputs a user provides. For example,
when you send a prompt to ChatGPT, OpenAI uses your prompt as an input to a neural network and performs inference for you.

The Inference Service will be used to build decentralized AI applications. The Graph expects that some AI dapps will be decentralized versions of centralized applications, e.g., decentralized clones of ChatGPT, and some AI dapps will be web3-native and use blockchain data queried from The Graph. They call these decentralized AI dapps and web3-native AI dapps, respectively.

Kindly view the full details of The Graph Protocol AI Services by following this specific link to get more information about what Graph Protocol is building.

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