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Coldstack partners with Paal AI a powerful AI ecosystem, predicated on the principles of continuous learning and adaptation. Coldstack recently incorporated the Paal AI bot into its support...
a16z invests in Gensyn a blockchain-based marketplace protocol connecting developers (anyone who can train a machine learning model) with solvers (anyone who wants to train a machine...
Navis team vision for nanotechnology products is to utilize the unique properties and abilities of nanotechnology to develop new materials, devices, and systems that can bring the potential...
The Solana Foundation has recently pledged to invest $1 million towards boosting the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with blockchain technology. Solana Foundation Pledged $1M to...
Homespace.is, an innovative virtual meeting service that allows users to create human-like AI replicas, has integrated Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on Polygon...
VAIOT is officially joining the Polygon ecosystem with a launch of Polygon Edge-based blockchain and a set of integrations with Polygon public chain! This is a huge milestone for VAIOT and...
Solai is the first community-driven AI. It is powered by Solana and Grizzlython and has the unique feature of combining Federated Learning and Solana to create an AI that is sustainable. The...
Cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence (AI) are two of the most exciting and rapidly evolving technologies of the modern age. On the surface, they may seem to have little in common, but...
Fetch.ai, the decentralized machine learning platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Bosch, the multinational technology company, to jointly develop and explore the potential of...
The world’s largest NFT data infrastructure provider in Asia, NFTScan, has reached a strategic partnership with MintKit. This partnership of NFTScan with MintKit will provide NFT API...
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