Sheesha Finance and Cannumo Partnership

Sheesha Finance welcomes Cannumo to its partnership project ecosystem, with tokens from the Cannumo token launch set for distribution to Sheesha Finance investors who are staking their SHEESHA tokens on the Sheesha Finance platform.

Sheesha Finance supports early state pre-IDO projects with ecosystem support and token swaps with their highly liquid SHEESHA token, so that founders of promising blockchain projects can get support doing what they do best — developing top-notch, industry-disrupting tokenization projects.

Projects benefit from accelerating their traction and impact, and the Sheesha community benefit from access to sought after tokens without the hassle of lotteries, white lists, or waiting lists.

Their partnership with Cannumo is just one more step in our extensive mission to make it easy for everyday investors to diversify their crypto portfolios and own their own piece of the future of DeFi.

The Sheesha Finance team interviewed Cannumo founder Mykolas Karpičius about the impact the Cannuma will have in the blockchain space.

Cannumo founder Mykolas Karpičius

Cannumo emerges as a solution for people to participate in the ever-growing CBD industry. Via our 3 applications — Cannumo GrowFunding, Cannumo CBD and Cannumo Wallet, we are revolutionising the CBD industry.

Via Cannumo Growfunding, people can invest from 100$ into our Cannumo containers and after 4–6 months take out their interest rate. No need to have any knowledge at all in the CBD or Cryptocurrency space.

With the Cannumo CBD application, you can become a CBD seller in 15 minutes. The current CBD market in US and Europe is over 300B (billion) US$ combined. If you want to become a CBD product seller, you need to spend at least 6–12 months taking out the licensing, at least 500k of paying fees, lawyers and etc. With our application, you can become a seller in 15 minutes — install our plugin into an e-commerce store, select from our different range of products, put your own labelling and that is it!

And Cannumo Wallet, which finishes our Cannumo Ecosystem, fixes a huge error in the current market — most of the third party payment gateway providers shy away from accepting payments from CBD sellers to this day. If a business somehow manages to integrate a provider, that business is deemed as a “risk group” and the fees for every transaction reaches up to a 10% margin. A Wallet is a type of software solution, which acts as an alternative to such known issues. While carrying this application, you won’t stumble upon a third party payment gateway.

In contrast, Cannumo Wallet lets you sell CBD products in a more lenient way. You may employ our CANU token, which will help you avoid big commission rates, and herein the fees shall be maintained at their lowest in the e-commerce market. Therefore, the Wallet application offers a payment gateway solution for everyone in the growing CBD industry.

In 2017 and 18, there were several competitors, but all of them were not creating any solutions to any problems in the current market. We talked with 100+ best in the world CBD and Cryptocurrency specialists, troubleshot our idea and we are ready to launch a huge project!

A person who likes CBD products and wants to join this industry or even start their own business, and needs a third party payment gateway solution to collect payments.

We offer a project that will revolutionise the whole Cryptocurrency and CBD market and we think that by adding this to the Sheesha ecosystem, we can help its users to benefit from our project!

We like working with quality professionals and we like how the Sheesha team manages their work. We think that by working together we can reach huge heights and do some very wonderful things!

Everyone from the Sheesha community can join our IDO which will happen on July 14th via 4 launchpads — Prostarter, ZeeDo, DefiDrop and YellowPad! Also, after our TGE, everyone will be able to use our applications!

Sheesha Finance is a leading DeFi mutual fund allowing for premium cryptocurrency portfolio diversification and rewards.


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