Tixl Organization and UnitedCrowd Partnership

Asset Tokenizations are becoming more relevant with each passing day. With this in mind, today Tixl is thrilled to announce its partnership with UnitedCrowd, another promising German crypto project sharing the same values as Tixl.

What is the best platform, ideally suited for handling any kind of Asset Token, which provides an interoperable, minimum-fee, instant transaction network? Tixl’s Autobahn Network!

What is UnitedCrowd?

UnitedCrowd is an ecosystem for DeFi that connects real-world asset projects with smart contracts on the blockchain and creates FinTech solutions for start-ups, whilst reducing risks for investors.

UnitedCrowd issues digital financial products, for corporate finance, for instance. The range of tokenization services they offer includes existing financial products, such as securities, investments, etc., as well as physical assets and new financing models.

UnitedCrowd is a platform that enables users to stay in control of their finances and receive cash flow from tokens. Users can buy and stake tokens, farm yields, take part in governance and receive rewards through social activities. UnitedCrowd offers all the utility advantages of tokens that generate additional yield through DeFi protocols.

UnitedCrowd x Tixl

There is enormous potential for cooperation between UnitedCrowd and Tixl.

Use of Tixl’s Cross-Chain Bridge

As previously announced, UnitedCrowd and its UCT token were whitelisted in Tixl’s Cross-Chain Bridge. Tixl has helped and continues to assist with UnitedCrowd going interoperable as a first step to opening up the world of Binance Smart Chain (with more networks to follow soon) for UnitedCrowd.

Asset Tokenizations on Tixl’s Autobahn Network

Building an Asset Tokenization Ecosystem, UnitedCrowd concluded that Tixl’s Autobahn Network, once the Smart Contracts are ready, would be an ideal platform to be added to United Crowd’s existing infrastructure.

No matter which asset is being tokenized, interoperability will be key as different asset classes will favor different blockchains — and both teams appreciate that there will not be just one blockchain in the future. Being not only a layer 1, but also a layer 2 for all connected networks, Tixl’s Autobahn Network is perfect to supply the desired interoperability.

In addition, the ideal for any tokenized asset is to have the ability to be transferred instantly and without substantial fees — two prime characteristics of Tixl’s Autobahn Network.

Other Areas of Partnership

With both their core teams located in Germany, they is perfectly positioned to share knowledge, networks, and anything else they may need to help both projects achieve their goals.

André Wendt, Co-Founder of UnitedCrowd, recently said:

“If we want to leverage the full potential, our asset tokenization platform needs 100% interoperability. Tixl’s products are perfectly suited for this.”

Sebastian Gronewold, Co-Founder of Tixl, commented:

I love to see more and more really promising startups coming out of Germany. The partnership with UnitedCrowd is a win-win situation for both projects.

Tixl is extremely excited about this partnership and look forward to working closely with UnitedCrowd, with all benefits it will bring to both projects.



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