VyFinance Entered a Partnership with MINswap

VyFinance is proud to announce our partnership with MINswap, a multi-pool decentralised exchange on Cardano. This partnership brings them another step closer to their goal of a homogeneous and collaborative Cardano ecosystem. It further fosters an environment in which both their communities can interact and grow simultaneously, and also allows their users the ability to earn each token via staking in liquidity farms. With similar priorities, such as a focus on transparency and community, VyFi and MINswap look to be a perfect match with plenty of longevity and prosperity ahead.

The partnership between VyFinance and MINswap will initially result in VYFI hosting a MIN/ADA liquidity farm on VyFinance, and MINswap in return, to host an VYFI/ADA liquidity farm on MINswap. With these tools in place, their communities with have the opportunity to grow together and pursue new heights as the Cardano ecosystem takes form. As always both projects are dedicated to building a stronger community together and look forward to future of collaboration and teamwork.

MINswap is a multi-pool decentralised exchange built on the Cardano ecosystem. They have been unyielding and courageous in their endeavours to test the Cardano network, resulting in a large and dedicated following that is well and truly deserved. MINswap will provide its users with the traditional DEFI tools such as farms and pools, however what makes MINswap stand out (and is telling of their honesty and integrity) is no pre-mine, no pre-sale, and no venture capitalist have been used prior to launch, this has been done in order to allow the most unbiased launch possible. MINswap is truly a project that puts their community first.

VyFinance is an original interpretation of a DEX, built upon four main pillars. Firstly, a liquidity aggregator (auto harvester) as their top layer (this is where users can come in and without managing their own funds, the auto harvester can do that instead.) Secondly a Neural Net (a program that teaches itself how to perform tasks), in this case be learning how to optimise liquidity over yield farms. Thirdly, a Bar in which a certain percentage of fees from the exchange and part of the farm from the Auto harvester will be distributed to their bar, which are their VYFI holders. Finally, an LMS system to tie it all together, the LMS aims to educate newcomers on how to interact with DEFI successfully and safely, the ultimate goal is for users to engage with the Auto Harvester and eventually gain the essential knowledge to use their more traditional defi tools such pools and farms.



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