Polkalokr Partners With IOEN

Polkalokr proud to introduce the latest partner with IOEN and their fight to make DeFi a greener place.

IOEN’s mission is to bring everyone into tokenised energy simply and fairly. IOEN tech enables new clean energy economies using an approach to microtransactions and a mutual credit system. This system enables trust between energy consuming, producing, or storing devices. Built on Holochain, the Internet of Energy Network is built on two currency layers: IOEN itself (pronounced “ion”), which is used as a staking asset to unlock new minigrid economies, and a series of Internet of Energy Currency credit systems unique for each community transacting with energy in each minigrid.

They will empower the Polkalokr community by striving to put power back into the hands of our users. Following a bottom-up approach, IOEN’s protocol forges a path for any grid user to come aboard its ecosystem and monetise their resources. Strategies such as these expand the DeFi space in thoughtful and meaningful ways.

IOEN’s focus on building protocols to facilitate the scalability of software-defined grids whilst striving towards clean and renewable energy distribution is inspiring. As such, we are working together to integrate our tech into the miniDAOs of IOEN and open up interest-free liquidity pools associated with clean energy.

About IOEN

IOEN is the next generation of digital energy management and optimisation technology. IOEN tech enables an interconnected system of virtual minigrids that facilitate transactions within and between local energy ecosystems: from the appliance level to energy generation, storage, and consumption.

About Polkalokr

Polkalokr is the first all-in-one, multi-chain token locking and escrow platform with built-in privacy functionality. Its products — Lokr, Swapr and Bridgr — help to build trust within the DeFi space by removing the human element and focusing on governance through code, with a seamless, omnichannel digital experience platform.


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