FujiDAO joins The Sushi Incubator

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Over the past few months, FujiDAO has been intensely evolving in all domains, from technical and community perspectives to the expansion of their team. What is the next move?

🗻 Today, FujiDAO is thrilled to announce that they join the Sushi incubator for the next 6 months 🍣

Partnering with Sushi is a unique opportunity that will pave the way to expand the protocol while learning from a talented team and collaborating with a vibrant community.

🗻 Fuji climbing continues

FujiDAO is building the first on-chain borrowing aggregator that lowers the costs of borrowing in DeFi. Many other protocols already promise to maximize yield, but few are focusing on the other side, minimizing the costs. They set out on a mission to fix this. The alpha version of the protocol was released back in May. They are grateful to all the early users, the Fuji climbers, who have already tested it and provided valuable feedback.

Their main objective by joining the Sushi incubator is to accelerate their transition from Alpha to Bêta and to structure the framework of the future decentralized governance of FujiDAO. They also aim to extend their scope to multiple chains and to onboard new climbers along the road. They believe this partnership will accelerate the expansion of Fuji’s borrowing aggregation across protocols and layers, always with the goal of optimizing the costs for users and improving capital efficiency in DeFi.

For the next 6 months, Sushi will support them in different domains, from tech questions to community growth. They will be also looking for potential synergies with their products and other protocols. Last but not least, their partnership includes financial support that will provide them with resources to achieve their long-term vision.

🍣 Sushi taste

Sushi’s first product, an AMM, was launched back in 2020 and it gathered a strong community from the very beginning. They expanded and successfully managed a DAO for more than a year now, bringing major innovations to the DeFi ecosystem.

Many projects are choosing the vertical approach, focusing on one specific domain. On the other side, Sushi expands horizontally in many DeFi areas and creates various products. Some of them are already live, such as BentoBox, a central place that facilitates access to liquidity for other protocols in a gas-efficient manner, or Kashi where everyone can create an isolated lending/borrowing market.

Sushi raises further the bar of innovation in the space with their recently announced NFT platform called Shoyu and a next-generation AMM Trident, which introduces 3 new types of liquidity pools. Another unique feature of Sushi resides in the fact that they brought the core products to 14 different chains.

All this couldn’t be possible without a great community backing the project and actively contributing to it. If you want to learn more about Sushi, we recommend this



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