First In-Game MetaWars Exclusive NFT Auction Event

Greetings pilots, as the stars begin to take form in the metaverse, MetaWars community will soon be free to embark on exciting journeys to discover new galaxies, unveil mysteries, defend your valuables against enemies, and more!

Their ecosystem revolutionises the highly sought-after Play-to-Earn model; by providing every player with far more ways to earn real-world money based on their involvement in the game like never experienced before in current Play-to-Earn games.

With that, they are thrilled to introduce to you their first-ever NFT Auction Event to celebrate our earliest supporters! As a token of our appreciation to all those who believed in their mission from the beginning, they are giving you an exclusive chance to obtain in-game NFTs that will enhance your experience in the MetaWars world and ecosystem!

These NFTs will provide invaluable in-game resources at a significantly discounted price point, so don’t miss out!

This section will explain precisely what will be available within the MetaWars NFT Auction and how you can obtain these exclusive rewards.

Auction Period: 21st October to 27th October 2021(11 AM UTC)
Auction Page:
Auction Result:
 Will be announced on Auction Page
Accepted Cryptocurrency: BNB
Minimum Bid for Auction:
 0.2 BNB

*Bids below 0.2 BNB will be considered invalid and will not be refunded by the system.

The NFTs are divided into two types, each with three tiers containing rewards ranging from mechs, to weapons and blueprints. These are all one-of-a-kind NFTs not available for purchase in the future, so grab it while you can!

MetaWars always prioritizes their community. Having received some feedback regarding the prizes, they have decided to clarify some details in relation to the Mech Crates. It should be noted that those who bid over 6.5BNB but are unable to receive a Mech Crate, will be rewarded with all three supply crates and all the lottery tickets that come with the supply crates. Likewise, those who bid 2.5 BNB or above and are unable to win the Mythical Crate will be rewarded the Epic and Ultra supply crates (alongside the lottery tickets).

It should also be clarified that those who do receive the Mech Crate, while they are still entitled to the supply crates, will NOT receive the lottery tickets that originally come along with the supply crates. This is to maximize the chances of those who are unable to win the Mech crates a Mech of their own.

Bid to win Limited Mech! There are three available tiers for bidders to win Mechs and these depend on how much you bid, so make sure to bid to obtain your favourite Mech!

  1. Legendary Mech Crate

The top 10 bidders of the auction will be guaranteed to receive a Legendary Mech! Not only that, but the bidders will also receive additional resources (such as weapons, gems, and blueprints) and a portion of tokens when the game launches!

The minimum requirement for entry to obtain the Legendary Mech is 6.5 BNB. To reiterate, such an opportunity will never be available again, so make sure to bid in the auction for a chance to win in-game benefits that can help you with the game and NFT mining Reward!

2. Mythical Mech Crate

The next 15% of bidders (disregarding the top ten) will be rewarded with a Mythical Mech! Similarly to the previous crate, users will also be rewarded with resources and a portion of tokens during game launch.

The minimum requirement to win the Mythical crate is 2 BNB.

3. Epic Mech Crate

The following 25% of winners will obtain the Epic crate containing one Epic Mech and additional resources and a portion of tokens similar to the previous two tiers. The minimum requirement to win the Epic crate is 1.5 BNB.

Resources play a vital role in the world of MetaWars and it is up to you to gather the necessary resources to survive in space! Blueprint Crates can be used for redeeming Mech or other exclusive resources when the game launches. Bid up to a certain amount to win exclusive resources through their Blueprint Crates. These are available for any bidders who bid above the minimum requirement. In the land of MetaWars, every person that puts in hard work is rewarded!

  1. Epic Supply Crate

Bidders who bid more than 1 BNB will be rewarded with the Epic Supply Crate containing an Epic blueprint and an assortment of resources such as weapons, gems, and elements. These are limited resources that will hugely benefit you in-game. So grab it while you can!

Bidders who win the Epic Supply Crate are also rewarded with 6+1 lottery tickets, scroll down to see what the lottery tickets do…

2. Ultra Supply Crate

Anyone who bids more than 0.5 BNB in the auction will be rewarded with an Ultra Supply Crate. Although containing similar items as the Epic Supply Crate, the Ultra Supply Crate will contain an ultra-rare blueprint instead alongside other resources.

Bidders who win the Ultra Supply Crate are also rewarded with 2+1 lottery tickets, scroll down to see what the lottery tickets do…

3. Rare Supply Crate

Finally, any bids over our minimum requirement of 0.2 BNB can receive their Rare Supply Crate with a rare blueprint and other resources!

Bidders who win the Rare Supply Crate are also rewarded with 1 lottery ticket, scroll down to see what the lottery ticket does…

Updated Price Chat for Auction

All bidders (excluding the winners of the Mech Crate) are rewarded with lottery tickets. MetaWars’ lucky draw will reward six randomly selected winners with 6 Mech characters: 2 Legendary ones, 2 Mythical ones and 2 Rare ones! This is a great opportunity for those who aren’t in the top 40% to have a chance of winning a brand new Mechs, so win your lottery tickets and enter their special lucky draw!

Utilities and Function

Venture through the universe with your trusty Mech in hand! Mechs in MetaWars represent your in-game assets, so own more Mechs to ensure in-game benefits. Mechs can be used to earn massive rewards in our NFT space exploration game after the TGE. More utilities regarding the mechs will be revealed soon. Stay tuned!

Earning resources is key to survival! These play an important role alongside your Mechs in the ecosystem. Stock up your resources and receive maximum benefits!

Build your own Mech! Blueprints will be rewarded to all participants of the MetaWars Auction Event, with different tiers according to the bid amount. These blueprints provide further utility in the MetaWars universe as holders will be able to stake their blueprints alongside with utility token to earn an exclusive Mech NFT and in-game token. `

Main Rules

  • Auction Period: 21st October — 27th October, 2021
  • Bids placed outside the auction period will not be counted or refunded.
  • The minimum bid is 0.2 BNB. Bids that do not reach the minimum bid will not be counted.
  • No refunds will be provided under any circumstances after your bid is finalised.
  • Bids are not adjustable or withdrawable.
  • The NFTs will be distributed when the game launches.

MetaWars would like to invite everyone to participate! Don’t forget to follow their social media for more updates regarding their first in-game auction and future adventures!

Beware of scammers!
Their Auction portal will be opened on 21st October on the official website.
MetaWars Team never PM you first, ask for funds or offer tech support!

About MetaWars

MetaWars is a play-to-earn next-generation blockchain-backed gaming experience. Explore and battle throughout the universe. Fight, trade, and earn mechs, ships, and planetary terrain backed by NFT in-game items. The $WARS token will become the anchor of an entire universe up for grabs.


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