Akitavax Initial Meme Offering (IMO) on CyberFi’s Samurai

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This Friday, January 21, 11:00 UTC Samurai Launchpad will be singing ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ (might be aging myself there) when they welcome the Akitavax ̶I̶D̶O̶ …er… IMO to the Samurai party! You can whitelist for the $AKITAX token IMO from Tuesday on Samurai.

Note: This sale will be conducted on the Avalanche network using $USDC. Please refer to their guide to setting up Avalanche on your MetaMask below.

Also, check out their convenient QUICK HITTER for all relevant sales information.

Akitavax is billed as ‘the mascot of Avalanche’ with the intention of being premier community token and symbol of the Avalanche ecosystem. Akitavax is a community driven ecosystem aiming to involve all token holders in contributing to the platform’s social and artistic movement.

Akitavax is not your typical meme coin. The creators aim to pack its two token system ($AKITAX and $XAKITA) with tons of utility! $AKITAX (the token offered in our IMO on Samurai) is meant to be the driving force behind the Akitavax ecosystem. It is designed to be used for crypto investment tools such as swapping, farming, lending, borrowing and staking. $AKITAX will be used for base pairs to swap tokens on the Akitrade exchange. It will also be deployed in staking pools and liquidity farms in order to earn both $AKITAX and $XAKITA (which will be used on the Akitavax Launchpad).

Akitavax is not content to just offer swapping, staking, farming, and the launching of new tokens, they are also going to release their ‘Avaverse’. This metaverse incorporates both VR games and VR concerts to bring great enjoyment to $AKITAX hodlers. The VR games will be a game bundle with different style games for different tastes and all will be play-to-earn! VR concerts will involve participants who buy tickets to the show and rewards can be earned through various interactions during the shows.

$AKITAX has a total supply of 10 billion tokens of which 337.5 million will be in circulation at TGE. The initial price of $AKITAX is $0.001 USD which will give it a TGE market cap of $337,500 USD.

The IMO for $AKITAX is set to take place on Friday, January 21, 11:00am UTC on Samurai Launchpad.

This guaranteed-whitelist IMO is open to all stakers at the Ninja tier (100 $CFi staked) and above on a first-come, first-served basis.

Interested CyberFi stakers must state their intention to participate in the IDO by clicking “Whitelist” on the Samurai Dashboard: Here.

Whitelist Start: Tuesday, January 18
Deadline for whitelisting: Friday, January 21, 04:00 UTC
Whitelist announcement: Friday, January 21, 06:00 UTC
IDO participation: Friday, January 21, 11:00 UTC to Sunday, January 23, 14:00 UTC.
$AKITAX TGE: January 24, 10:00am UTC on Trader Joe

Whitelisted stakers are eligible to purchase $AKITAX at the Public pre-sale price of $0.001 USDC per $AKITAX. The token can be purchased in allotments between $100 USDC and $10,000 USDC on a first-come, first-served basis. Purchases are made in $USDC on the Avalanche Network.

Tokens purchased at IMO are subject to vesting with 15% unlocked at TGE followed by 15% after first month and then 10% each month thereafter.

Please refer to their convenient QUICK HITTER for all relevant sales information in one handy location.

If you are unfamiliar with their tier structure, you can check it here: Samurai Tiers

Setting up Avalanche on MetaMask

While Avalanche is often lauded for its cutting-edge technology, it still takes a little getting used to if you are not familiar with the ins and outs of setting it up. Let’s let Avalanche themselves explain how to add the Avalanche network to MetaMask and what is the difference between X Chain and C Chain. (YOU WILL USE C CHAIN WHEN RECEIVING FUNDS ON METAMASK AND USING ON SAMURAI!!!!!)

Connecting Avalanche to MetaMask: Tutorial Video

STEP 1: Add Avalanche Network to MetaMask

STEP 2: Sending AVAX to Your MetaMask Connected to Avalanche

Akitavax is a community driven cryptocurrency on the Avalanche network. Its first intention is to be the premier community token and symbol of the Avalanche ecosystem. Another purpose of Akitavax is to bring the Akita breed to the point it deserves among other meme tokens. Akitavax will be the fairest and the most transparent meme token on the Avalanche network.

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