Seeded Network Partnership with Penguin

Published on: 11.05.2022
Seeded Network Partnership with Penguin

Penguin, A Liquidity-as-a-Service Platform, built on Solana, announced its partnership with Seeded Network, a favorite Solana incubator with unique borrowing, lending, and staking solutions.

Seeded Network has joined the Penguin bonding family! It is their privilege to seed with Seeded on the land of DeFi and gather vital POL for the sustainable development of the protocol.

$SEEDED / $PAI bonding will launch on May 13th, 9 am UTC

Introduction to Seeded Network

To begin with, Seeded Network is a project incubator featuring outstanding borrowing, lending, and staking solutions that integrate with the fast-growing DeFi world. Seeded aims to provide quality projects with their expertise and network connections to projects wishing to use the Seeded Project Incubator.

However, with Seeded’s provision, projects can enjoy a community brimming with investors and enhanced token utility brought by lending and borrowing products.

Its lending and borrowing empower SEEDED without exception, and it is now embarking on a new journey of bonding!

Moreover, the Penguin’s bonding/staking allows Seeded to have a healthy token emission, which helps control the inflation rate by posing less selling pressure on the market. Better still, Seeded can collect revenue-generating POL for its long-term success, benefiting its stakeholders with sustained rewards.

At the launch of SEEDED/PAI bonding, users can add liquidity in the SEEDED/PAI pool to acquire SEEDED/PAI LP tokens, which can bond for discounted SEEDED on the market price. SEEDED purchased through bonding will be then auto-staked. Users can unstake their SEEDED in the Staking section and collect the total amount of SEEDED after a 7-day vesting period. On the other hand, keeping SEEDED staked would allow users to receive an optimal reward and achieve 3,3 together.

The collaboration of Seeded and Penguin can extend from liquidity management to co-marketing and partnership networking, which in turn gives rise to a healthier ecosystem.

About Penguin Finance
Penguin is a Liquidity-as-a-Service Platform that offers a one-stop solution for treasury management such as swap, bonding, and staking.

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About Seeded Network
Seeded Network is an upcoming incubator on Solana offering unique borrowing, lending, and staking solutions to users allowing them to participate in the seeded incubation projects safely.

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