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Hubble Protocol, a DeFi and stablecoin project on Solana, announced its partnership with Lido Finance, an industry-leading multichain liquid staking protocol. Partnership HighLights This...
Race Poker, a Web3 online poker platform on the Solana blockchain, leveraging decentralized technology, has announced its partnership with SolDoge, a next-gen meme coin with attitude,...
Friktion is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Paradigm, the leading institutional options liquidity network for traders. Friktion believes that sustainable yields in the long term...
Penguin, A Liquidity-as-a-Service Platform, built on Solana, announced its partnership with Seeded Network, a favorite Solana incubator with unique borrowing, lending, and staking...
BiG Deal,a decentralized auction house announced integration with Chainlink Price Feeds on Solana to help secure its decentralized auction house. This integration of Chainlink Price Feeds...
Friktion brings high-quality risk management, volatility markets, and yield generation to DeFi, which has announced its integration with Investin, the first Decentralized Asset Management...
SupraOracles is delighted to announce  its partnership with VOID Games, an online multiplayer play-to-earn game built on Solana. VOID’s mission is to bridge the gap between innovative...
Playground announced a partnership with Bridgesplit to bring a unique staking program to the Solana Ecosystem. Bridgesplit is pleased to announce that holders of Playground NFTs will now...
Crema Finance is thrilled to announce its partnership with Cassava, a key Web3 infrastructure provider in Africa. This partnership of Crema and Cassava will support token liquidity, asset...
Parcl, a digital real estate protocol built on Solana announced integration with Orca to provide Concentrated Liquidity! Parcl announced integration with Orca’s Whirlpools AMM program...
Nova announced its partnership with Hubble Protocol, a decentralized finance lending protocol built on the Solana blockchain.  With this long-term partnership, Nova and Hubble will...
Wormhole announced its integration with Swim Protocol, a multi-chain AMM for native assets designed to make bridging easy. Swim provides a simple way to transfer tokens across chains via...
Magic reveals its latest partnership with Phantasia Sports, the Future of Fantasy Sports built on the Solana blockchain. At Phantasia, onboarding users is core to its mission. There are over...
Ancient8, the most significant and fastest-growing gaming guild in Vietnam, announced a partnership with Magic Eden, the leading NFT marketplace on the Solana blockchain for both assets and...
Cega utilizes Maple’s Finance infrastructure as a Launchpad for a liquidity protocol and embodies the culture of protocol composability on Solana. Cega is a DeFi application built on...
PocketPay, a smart mobile PoS wallet for Solana with multiple DeFi features has integrated with SolanaPay and eCommerce Ability. PocketPay is a Solana chain-based mobile wallet compatible...
Psyker proudly announces its partnership with Cardinal, a Solana Protocol that allows the conditional ownership of NFTs. Psyker has integrated into Cardinal’s NFT rental system allowing...
YGG SEA has formed a new partnership with Solana Ventures, the investment arm of Solana Labs, that will bolster the Yield Guild Games subDAO’s operations in Southeast Asia. This exclusive...
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