CPAD Partners with LEND by TEN Finance

CPAD Partners with LEND by TEN Finance

CPAD is extremely delighted to announce its latest strategic partnership with LEND by TEN Finance.

CPAD, a platform for launching and promoting play-to-earn and NFT projects, and LEND, a part of the TEN Finance Ecosystem, have partnered to expand into new markets and enhance both projects’ communities in various regions.

The partnership includes expertise, experience sharing, marketing support, and mutual work over a business scaling strategy.

LEND is a natural extension of TEN Finance, the Token Enrichment Network. LEND develops its algorithmically derived interest rate model, allowing suppliers and borrowers to interact directly with the protocol without any counterparty. The project offers customers guaranteed passive income, a utility for LEND token, and security.

CPAD is developing a community-governed launchpad that helps young and talented artists launch and promotes their NFT and play-to-earn projects. This is an evolving business, open for new partners and cooperations, such as LEND.

“Our team is delighted to become a reliable partner and advisor for such a great project. CPAD will leverage its best resources to provide LEND with quality marketing and community support, to help expand into the new markets and regions”, — says CPAD’s CEO Mykhailo Sitalo.

“We are excited to partner with reputable firms that prefer quality relationships and, most importantly, quality in the projects they work with. We are happy to be a part of the CPAD journey”, — says TEN Finance Top Manager.

CPAD develops an NFT launchpad and strives to become a leader in matching progressive investors with the best on the NFT market and play-to-earn projects.

CPAD is a part of Cosima Capital, a crypto fund that brought together professional managers and analysts with many years of experience in capital and cryptocurrency markets.

They actively invests funds in promising projects and helps them grow with marketing promotion and team-building support.


LEND is a part of the TEN Finance Ecosystem. TEN was developed to offer users a simple yet advanced platform for staking and yield farming in the most extensive liquidity pools offered on the Binance Smart Chain network.

LEND, as an extension, will establish pools of algorithmically derived interest rate models, which allows suppliers and borrowers to interact directly with the protocol without any counterparty.



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