LuduFi and IQ Protocol Partnership!

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LuduFi is thrilled to announce partnership with IQ Protocol, the number one blockchain platform for renting expirable digital assets.

In this article, LuduFi will introduce you to this exciting platform and make sure that by the end of it, you are as hype as we are about this partnership.

IQ Protocol’s main goal is to solve the chicken and egg problem of utility in new coins, by using blockchain technology for subscription solutions.

They offer three main services:

Blockchain subscriptions: IQ Protocol allows users to rent tokens in order to subscribe to software, media, and entertainment as well as literally any other subscription service by making it as easy as purchasing a token through a trustless, decentralized contract.

Fungible Token Renting: Through their platform, users can rent fungible tokens in order to take advantage of their utilities.

Non Fungible Token Renting: Users can also rent all kinds of non-fungible tokens, including in-game assets, collectibles, art, financial NFTs, and much more.

More Features

Users can exercise the utility of these NFTs in games, social media, and many other applications.

Every party in this exchange stands to gain from the innovation brought forth by IQ Protocol.

For asset owners, they can earn auto-compounding variable interest on digital assets through staking in IQ Protocol renting pools.

There is no risk of default, no impermanent loss, no fixed terms, and no risk of inflation.

This platform also benefits blockchain projects; they can improve their tokenomics, incentivize holders, and offer token-based subscriptions.

IQ Rental contracts can unlock utility of NFTs and make it easier for holders to generate passive income.

IQ Protocol’s visionary innovation aligns with their view of decentralized peer-to-peer lending in Play-to-Earn gaming. It is indeed a match made in heaven, and they are hyped to finally bring news of this fruitful partnership.

Most importantly, IQ Protocol shares with LuduFi its dedication to creating a mutually beneficial and profitable relationship between investors and renters.

The core of LuduFi’s vision for the future of Play-to-Earn gaming revolves around player acquisition solutions, trustless NFT lending system, an easy-to-use asset management dashboard, and an expansive gaming arena.

LuduFi seek to make the Play-to-Earn space more fair to players and ensure maximum profit yield for investors.

Their services will allow users to invest, play, rent or purchase NFT’s and manage their earnings all on one platform.

LuduFi products and solutions stand to gain and improve from their exciting partnership with IQ Protocol. And they can not wait to share more with you.

About IQ Protocol

IQ Protocol is a new decentralized money market protocol for lifetime value tokens that proposes a novel way to avoid common pitfalls in the token issuance process for projects and companies where service or product consumption is measurable over time and volume

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About LuduFi

LuduFi is a Blockchain Gaming platform with NFT lending and GameFi infrastructure for Guilds, Gamers and Investors.

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