ERAX Strategic Partnership with De-Fighter!

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ERAX is extremely delighted to announce strategic partnership with De-Fighter, a nostalgic Web3 PvP fight-to-earn platform.


De-Fighter is a skill-based Fight-to-Earn game that evokes nostalgia of the arcading classics like Street Fighter, Tekken or Mortal Kombat, whilst delivering an in-game economy that rewards players for their skills.

Players can purchase NFT sprites, all of which have unique traits and abilities, these NFT sprites can then be used to fight other players in multiple PVP game modes.

The winner of the fight will receive $DFC as a reward, a relative percentage to the cumulative amount staked.

De-Fighter will also host tournaments with the ability for players to enter an elimination event with a large winners prize.

Lastly, Fight-for-Fun mode enables players to play without limitation for XP points.


More than 2 billion people play video games, a $170+ billion industry experiencing 10-12% annual growth.

Blockchain has ignited the ability for players to monetise that value, and created a new genre of gaming.

As the industry develops, and mass adoption of blockchain gaming becomes reality, De-Fighter aims to identify trends within the current market, perfect their platform, then synchronise development with the evolving game-fi market.

The De-Fighter arcade fighter game hosted on blockchain is not just fun and exciting but revives the classic combat gaming experience and offers players the opportunity to earn tokens whilst competing with other players around the world.

Using a compliant BSC based token, $DFC, De-Fighter provides a comprehensive gaming economy that utilises staking and skills through the transparency of blockchain to create a decentralised fight club.


The Market will be their in-house NFT ecosystem, allowing minting and trading of De-Fighter NFT’s.

De-Fighter NFTs are playable characters within their ecosystem, each have unique traits and are in-game assets existing on the blockchain as an NFT.

The Ultra rare De-Fighter NFT sprites and limited Special Moves NFT’s will also create a valuable addition for gamers and collectors alike.


The bank will allow participants to stake $DFC and be allocated a Grade (S, A, B, C). These grades designate the amount of fights participants will be able to enter in a 24 hour period.

The Bank staking pool configures the PvP reward mechanism, using both total pool value and individual stake.

Staking in “The Bank” will also grant first access to De-Fighter NFT’s.

Staking $DFC token only.

About De-Fighter

A nostalgic Web3 PvP fight-to-earn platform! Invigorating artwork and gameplay create De-Fighter’s unique structure allowing players to stake $DFC to earn fight allocations. To proceed, and participate in their PvP Fight-to-Earn matches using playable NFT sprites.

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About ERAX

ERAX is a safe, healthy & trusted multi-chain launchpad, committed to bring potential crypto offerings to the community.

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