CrypCade Upcoming INO Launch on Babylons

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Babylons is extremely delighted to announce its upcoming INO launch for CrypCade, an economically sustainable Gaming/ Entertainment ecosystem.

CrypCade is a Metaverse as a Service product. CrypCade is the Entertainment Ecosystem that brings ultimate Gaming & Entertainment experience for Users on a Metaverse environment.

The CrypCade City Metaverse is separated into 7 sectors. Each with its own unique environment, challenges and rewards.

Within the Metaverse, partner dapps or crypto projects will be able to co-build their own dapps and CrypCade users will be able to play their favourite games using the ecosystem’s native token. Babylons will be hosting an INO on June 30 at 12.00 PM UTC.

For this INO, Babylons will be listing 860 Mystery Boxes in total. Each box will be worth as 0.25 BNB. Rarity of the NFTs which will emerge from mystery boxes will be random.

The character NFT’s which will come out from those boxes allow users to explore the entire CrypCade Metaverse and participate in play to earn games. You can find detailed explanation about NFTs in the image below. In this image you can see the total number of NFTs, they will list 860 Mystery Boxes in total for this INO.

Crypcade proud to announce their game Hover Racer. Hover Racer plays to win the already completed game as well as the upcoming normal car racing game, PvP shooting game and an action game planned for Q3/Q4.

Babylons would like to remind everyone that the BABI Weekly Reward Mechanism is in place — they distribute up to 227,500 BABI at the end of each week to their community members. The amount of BABI a user gets is proportional to their weekly trade volume. Read more about their reward system here.

About Babylons

Babylons is the ultimate GameFi destination, pioneer launchpad, blockchain tooling provider and NFT platform with its 100+ gaming partners and a young and active following of gamefi enthusiasts. For its gaming partners, Babylons offers INO hosting, IDO hosting and secondary sales services tailored to their exact needs. Babylons has a vibrant gaming community that is eager to participate in new gaming project private, public token offerings & IDOs; while the platform aims to democratize this process with its innovative mechanisms.

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About CrypCade

CrypCade is the Entertainment Ecosystem that brings ultimate Gaming & Entertainment experience for Users on a Metaverse environment.

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