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COMEARTH Upcoming INO Launch on Babylons!

Babylons is ecstatic to announce the upcoming INO of COMEARTH which would take place on 8th August, 2022. COMEARTH is the world’s first e-commerce metaverse...

MASD Games Upcoming INO on Babylons!

Babylons is excited to announce that it will be hosting an INO for MASD Games on August 4 at 12.00 PM UTC. MASD Games is...

Revolve Games Upcoming INO on Babylons!

Revolve Games mechanics and token utility are delivered through Selestium and connected games. Babylons will be hosting an INO on July 25 at 12.00 PM...

Time Raiders Upcoming INO on Babylons!

Time Raiders is a fast-paced shoot and loot, play-to-earn, NFT game, is set to launch an INO on Babylons on July 20 at 12.00 PM...

Project Incubation: Catacomb Crawlers

Babylons is proud to add a new project, Catacomb Crawlers to its incubation center. Catacomb Crawlers is an Action Role Playing Game with integrated...

WalkN App Upcoming INO on Babylons!

WalkN App is a Move2Earn project connecting the blockchain world with real world sports events. Babylons will be hosting an INO on July 7...

Scouthub Upcoming IDO on Babylons!

Scouthub is a fantasy football game based on blockchain with the legal agreements. Babylons will be hosting the IDO on July 4 at 12.00 PM...

CrypCade Upcoming INO Launch on Babylons

Babylons is extremely delighted to announce its upcoming INO launch for CrypCade, an economically sustainable Gaming/ Entertainment ecosystem. CrypCade is a Metaverse as a Service...

Sheesha Finance Partners with Babylons

Sheesha Finance is delighted to announce new strategic partnership with Babylons, a comprehensive, all-in-one GameFi platform and launchpad. The platform supports a variety of Play...

Blocks Upcoming IDO Launch on Babylons

Blocks empowers NFT communities by giving them the tools to make custom Metaverse environments for their users. Babylons will be hosting their IDO on June 29...

Metafluence Upcoming INO on Babylons!

Babylons will be hosting an INO for Metafluence, a platform where influencers can share their lifestyle, engage with their audience, collect and trade digital...
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