COMEARTH Upcoming INO Launch on Babylons!

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Babylons is ecstatic to announce the upcoming INO of COMEARTH which would take place on 8th August, 2022.

COMEARTH is the world’s first e-commerce metaverse ecosystem, built on Polygon Blockchain. The COMEARTH team aims to fix the problems that plague Web2.0 e-commerce, and create an ecosystem that allows global creativity and participation to power e-commerce in the future.

The INO will start at August 8th, 12.00 UTC. 750 single plot, 200 BUSD/USDT each, 500 double plot, 700 BUSD/USDT each, 50 quad plot, 2750 BUSD/USDT each.

Babylons is proud to provide COMEARTH INO to the community as they believe e-commerce is an integral part of society and for this reason e-commerce will also be an integral part of the metaverse.

In the sale, starting on 12.00 UTC, August 8th, there will be three kinds of lands which are single, double and quad plot. There will be 750 available single plot at 200 BUSD/USDT each. 500 double plot will be offered at 700 BUSD/USDT each. Lastly, 50 quad plot will be offered at 2750 BUSD/USDT each.

As always, there are no whitelist or staking requirements for joining the INO.

Babylons would like to remind everyone that the BABI Weekly Reward Mechanism is in place — we distribute up to 227,500 BABI at the end of each week to their community members. The amount of BABI a user gets is proportional to their weekly trade volume. Read more about their reward system here.

About Babylons

Babylons is the ultimate GameFi destination, pioneer launchpad, blockchain tooling provider and NFT platform with its 100+ gaming partners and a young and active following of GameFi enthusiasts. For its gaming partners, Babylons offers INO hosting, IDO hosting and secondary sales services tailored to their exact needs. Babylons has a vibrant gaming community that is eager to participate in new gaming project private, public token offerings & IDOs; while the platform aims to democratize this process with its innovative mechanisms. Soon on multiple blockchain networks!

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COMEARTH is an Earth-like planet in that it has continents that are surrounded by water on all sides. However, the COMEARTH planet shall have eight continents and multiple central plazas. These central plazas are where users shall land when they enter the Metaverse. From here, users can use various modes of transportation, including teleportation, to travel to their destination.

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