XAVA Live on Naughty Price!

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Avalaunch XAVA is live on Degis, The Naughty Price Protection

XAVA Live on Naughty Price! With the coming protection pools, mining incentives for liquidity providers will change.

  • IM Mining Rate: 2000 (base rate) + 400 (veDEG boost)
  • Normal Mining Rate: 1667 (base rate) + 333 (veDEG boost)

After the successful introduction of XAVA protection, they will protect a fresh token on June 30. This modification will take effect when the XAVA pool starts on June 27.

About Degis

Degis, the all-in-one protection market built on Avalanche, aims to protect your asset from every possible risk. . The ultimate goal is to build an universal crypto protection platform and shape decentralized protection ecosystem.

Degis is the leader in decentralized protection protocols and is the 1st decentralized protection market on Avalanche.

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About Avalaunch

Avalaunch is a launchpad powered by the Avalanche platform, allowing new and innovative projects to seamlessly prepare for launch with an emphasis on fair and broad distribution. With its values deeply rooted in the early Avalanche community.



Market Stats:
BTC Dominance: 39.8%(-0.15%/24h)
ETH Dominance: 20.52%(-0.16%/24h)
Defi Market Cap: $0B(-33.47%/24h)
Total Market Cap: $1183.21B(-0.26%/24h)
Total Trading Volume 24h: $52.28B(-26.21%/24h)
ETH Market Cap: $0B
Defi to ETH Ratio: 0%
Defi Dominance: 0%
Altcoin Market Cap: $712.32B
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Active Cryptocurrencies: 9987
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