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The Avalanche Cortina Upgrade includes protocol optimizations that are not compatible with AvalancheGo versions < v1.10.0. The pre-release code for the Avalanche Cortina Upgrade will be...
Chainlink Automation Helps SteakHut Control Liquidity live on the Arbitrum and Avalanche mainnets. Chainlink Automation Helps SteakHut Control Liquidity is the most reliable Web3 automation...
TYB and Shopify Choosing Avalanche bring web3 loyalty platform TYB is the first end-to-end Web3 community-powered loyalty solution available to Shopify’s millions of merchants through...
Cyberstella Collaboration with KillerGF introducing Killer Game With high-stakes action, psychological intrigue, and a chance to see your NFT brought to life in manga form, this epic...
Multichain and Hadouken Launch MultiToken Liquidity Pools to enable a cross-chain DeFi ecosystem. Multichain enables easy transfers between over 80 blockchains, with low fees. Starting...
SteakHut Partnership with Betswirl to help bring automated and optimized liquidity to the $BETS Arbitrum liquidity pool on Trader Joe V2. With SteakHut, users may now contribute liquidity to...
BiggerMINDS Leveraging Chainlink Automation live on Avalanche mainnet to help update and distribute dynamic rewards. Based on the performance of MIND+, in a secure and reliable manner. This...
Sakaba Collaboration with Hatchy Pocket to strengthen its Avalanche presence and develop a hub.  You should also know that after launching, Sakaba Collaboration with Hatchy Pocket plans to...
In this article, we will explore the Avalanche blockchain platform, its ecosystem, components, and benefits. We’ll discuss how Avalanche works, its unique consensus...
Notifi New Partnership with BENQI to add web3 alerts to its two flagship apps: Liquid Staking and borrowing / lending on their Algorithmic Liquidity Market.  Notifi New Partnership with...
Sakaba Collaboration with Metaderby, to strengthen its Avalanche presence and develop a hub where users on Sakaba can find great games like those on MetaDerby. MetaDerby will post some...
Core Mobile Available on iOS devices, users can download Core mobile for free. Beginning today The Core mobile app is now available for free download for Apple iOS users. Core provides...
Pangolin Partnership with Arkhia will power Pangolin’s Hedera contracts & infrastructure. The Pangolin team selected Arkhia as their middleware solution on Hedera to ensure the DEX...
Janus Network Validator Program Rules, that rewards validators for their role in securing and validating the network. Janus Network Validator Program Rules validators are crucial to the...
SubQuery Latest Feature Project Alert Notifications, providing real-time project health monitoring assistance to clients so they may fix problems and avoid negative effects on their...
Avalanche Launch Glacier API, a developer’s one-stop shop for all Avalanche and Ethereum enhanced blockchain data and the official API service indexing Avalanche Subnets. The Glacier...
EverRise Integration with Chainlink Price Feeds for Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and Fantom mainnets. EverRise now has access to high-quality, tamper-proof price feeds...
Ava Labs Partnership with Tencent Cloud to support projects and developers across the Avalanche ecosystem. In addition to offering developers with speedy node deployment, both parties will...
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